January Restock Scent List!

Friday January 13 at 3pm(est)!

Returning Scents:

6th & Main- Exotic sandalwood, soft musks and holy Palo Santo, melded together with warmth of toasted marshmallows on a base of creamy sweet vanilla and embers.

Arabesque- Dark cedar woods blended with musk and spicy coriander, black tea and hints of fall florals (autumn lily and lilac petals) balanced out with toasted pumpkin seeds!

Deadwood- Dark spiced bourbon blended with a creamy stout. Hints of nutty almond, rich vanilla, plums, butterscotch, and raisins come together on the head of full-bodied ale.

El Diablo- The butteriest baked cinnamon rolls you will ever taste drizzled with a brown sugar/caramel drizzle with a cinnamon and sugar dream dusting.

Exsanguinate- Spicy mulled oranges blend with Bulgarian roses, cedars and cannabis. Dragon’s Blood and sandalwood, flow freely with sensual woods and oolong teas.

Fingal's Cave- This melt has a winning combination of rose, cedar wood and cardamom that is comfortably light and airy!

The Northerner- Notes of honey, creamy caramel, cider spice, maple sugar and crunchy fallen leaves.

PrimaDonna- Packed full of fresh juicy strawberries, tart rhubarb, buttercream and zucchini bread to bring you a fulfilling scent of badassness!

Snuffed- Smokey, herbal tobacco swirls with warm buttery vanilla, earthy black teas and Oriental blended herbs and spices!

Wail of the War Drum- This mysterious scent boasts dark exotic woods, deep vanilla, vetiver, and sensual musk.

Yggdrasil- Juicy mulberries and piping hot earl grey tea swirled together with an intoxicating aroma of clary sage, dried violets, winter musk and tea leaves all on a bed of vetiver and rich amber.


New Scents:

Cinder & Spice- Top notes of weathered teakwood blended meticulously with resinous sweet smoked oud wood and peppercorns. This delicious new winter blend features hints of sandalwood, smoke, and musk!

The Hearth Witch- A loaf of perfectly baked rye bread, baked over an open kitchen hearth. We took delicious herbs of fresh basil and sage and baked them right into this warming baked bread scent. Welcome to the coven Hearth Witch!

The Routes We Wander- A great new airy blend that is reminiscent of a past creation (Harmony that we debuted in 2016). TRWW features delicate jasmine and lily, white musk, hints of floral leather and vanilla heliotrope. It’s a break from the standard winter blends!

Winter Alpenglow- An ode to that beautiful reddish glow that reflects off mountain peaks in the winter! Iced mint comes together with neroli, bergamot and strawberry frost. It’s the quintessential winter scent with a Moonbeams twist! Slight smoky pine, guaiacwood, and currants help round it all out!