Here at Moonbeams we believe in giving back to our community, and the environment. To show support of those who need it most, as well as a way to give thanks to those that enlighten and keep us inspired. Here’s a breakdown of who we’re helping monthly:

For every purchase at Moonbeams we give back through the ‘The Outdoorist Oath’ Organization.

  • “The Oath itself is a commitment to action any outdoorist can take to support our planet, inclusion, and adventure. It is designed as a way for any outdoorist or outdoor community to think about the intersections of planet, inclusion, and adventure through their outdoor experiences and identify how they can uniquely show up for all three, in relationship, together, simultaneously."

When purchasing items in our Gaia’s Garden collection we donate 5% of all sales proceeds to the National Park Foundation.

  • The National Park Foundation works to protect wildlife and park lands, preserve history and culture, educate and engage youth, and connect people everywhere to the wonder of parks.
We also make a monthly donation to LGBT Detroit
  • “Founded in 1994, LGBT Detroit is a Michigan based non-profit whose areas of focus are health, education, employment and social justice. Through various expos, exhibitions, summits and celebrations, we concentrate attention to our mission: To increase awareness of and support to Detroit's dynamic LGBT culture through education and advocacy with integrity and pride.”