Retired Scents

Sometimes we must say goodbye to our scent creations due to low sales, discontinued components, or because we created something similar that's a better version. May they remain here and may we remember them for what they were. 

26 Temptations- Sweet gooey marshmallows enveloped in caramelized sugar, creamy vanilla frosting, rich chocolate, drizzled with smooth butterscotch and dustings of powdered sugar! Is that a hint of baked apples and spices swirled with vanilla sauce we detect?

Bangin!- Fizzy, bubbling champagne explodes with notes of pine and pear. Hints of vanilla sugar and sparkling citrus will make you pop your cork.

Between the Sheets- Come lay down in spicy, seductive sheets, blended with musky woods, and bay rum with hints of patchouli, amber and lotus blossom.

Black & Blue- We mixed the dark with the even darker and created a darkly delicious new blend of floral patchouli, and sweet vanilla, swirling with the deepest blackest licorice we could find!

Borborygm- Baked pecan pie adorned with blends of orange zest, sticky caramel, brown sugar, and hints of cinnamon dusted peaches.

Bound by Flame- Hints of vanilla and seductive musk with warm dry woods, patchouli and velvety florals. A luxurious scent that invites dark Arabian musks and olibanum for an exotic smoky blend!

Bubblegum Bitch- Super sugar blasted bubblegum blended with fruity lemons and lime, oranges and plump strawberry/banana swirled vanilla goodness!

Candy Cane Lane- Sweet candy canes, peppermint bark AND peppermint cupcakes.

The Cantina Can-Can - Fresh blueberries and creamy vanilla custard, blended with sweet honey on a bed of tea leaves and fresh herbs.

Changing Constant-(Inspired by Penhaligons’ ‘Changing Constance’)- A modern scent that stars with peppery pimentos, benzoin and cardamom mingle amongst dark vetiver.

Charades- Fresh juicy pears combine with tropical passion fruits and creamy vanilla along with soft musk, cantaloupe, citrusy limes and ripe plums round out this fruity and juicy scent!

Crunk Christmas- A straight up delicious hot toddy in melt form!

Diamond State Heartbreak- smells like an English country garden after a rainstorm with rich jasmine, lilies, and wild mint wafting in the morning breeze.

Dr. Satan- Intricate layers of oakmoss, oriental woods, black pepper, juniper berries and patchouli blended with cardamom, bergamot and dark musks.

The Dusty Trail- A bottle of orange and cinnamon spiced buttered rum with ooey gooey smores, and a hint of pine to mellow it all out.

Eggnog Snog- Butter rum and eggnog, clove, and nutmeg sit on a bed of sweet vanilla, brown sugar and sweet cream.

Fairy Floss Delight- The most sweet mingling of spun cotton candy (the delicious kind on the paper cones, no plastic bagged kind here!) with extra swirls of creamy vanilla.

The Firefly Family- Crisp red apple baked oatmeal cookies combined with warm fall spices of clove and cinnamon drizzled with ooey gooey caramel glaze.

Flounce- Madagascar vanilla cake, pink berries and vanilla sugar crystals, sweet buttercream and a hint of sweet & spicy cardamom.

Fruit. Cake. - Combines candied fruit, baked sweet breads, syrup and sugar crystals, cherry, almonds and sparkling citrus.

F.U.G.P. - We didn’t hold back on this effervescent scent blended with tart pineapples, sparkling peach champagne, passion fruit, lychee and heaps of mango zest!

Get In Mah Bellay!-  Mixed pistachios, almonds and thicky creamy vanilla custard with a flaky golden pie crust.

Harmony- a scent that combines fresh green grass, geraniums, vintage magazines, and sandalwood.

Heads or Tails- The bright orange side gives you peaches and cream on a vanilla/coconut ice cream base! While the yellow side brings you fresh kiwi, juicy papaya, mangoes and zingy starfruit!

Here They Lie- Ground back cinnamon, black tea, smooth vetiver and rounded out on a bed of bergamot and jasmine.

The Highway Home- Tart yet sweet orange zest, rhubarb and black currants mingle amongst creamy cedar woods, festive pine trees, and amber musk!

House of Haunts- Blood orange and mandarin, are blended with dark patchouli, bourbon and oak moss and black amber.

Hunger of the Pine- The perfect blend of pine with black cinnamon, smooth vetiver and a soft vanilla musk.

Iconoclastic- Fresh & invigorating leafy greens blend into citrus and florals, while resting on a bed of bergamot, pink pepper, amber and white musk!

I'm Ready for Dessert!- We paired sweet honey, puff pastry, vanilla custard and pistachio nuts with cinnamon and sugar.

Island of Misfit Toys- Juicy ripe cherries, and roasted chestnuts.

Jack Frost- Fresh snowfall, and hints of minty leaves on a bed of amber, cypress, and vetiver.

Lapsang Lullabies- Calm the tense nerves you (and we all) have been feeling lately with this new blend of deep red steeped tea, smoked saffron leaves, and pink peppers on a bed of swirling warm ambers, delicate sandalwood, and subtle clover leaves help round this ethereal scent.

Levitate- Freshly cracked black peppercorns with exotic black cinnamon floating together with warm caramel drizzled shortbread cookies! Hints of smooth vetiver and soft vanilla musk.

Lucky Fever Dream- Fresh pear and blueberries, mingle with refreshing florals of freesia, lilac and hawthorn blended together with wild watermelon, white musk and juniper berries.

Luminous- Raw honey and ylang blended with leafy green tea, watercress pepper-grass and mountain flowers on a bed of rich creamy vanilla milk.

Luna Moth- Warm amber and sweet golden honey blended with sandalwood, dark musks and a hint of buttery almond.

Mercy of the Waves- An earthy blend of rare driftwoods, spices and amber, a fresh rain on the open seas and a tidal musk.

MMM Cranberries- Fresh plump spiced cranberries with white spices that can be enjoyed year-round!

Monsoon Swoon- Coconut milk and Malibu rum wash over your senses with suntan lotion breezes, and mouthwatering pineapples, peaches and papayas entrance you to another level!

More Ham Dear? We kept the scent light so that it's not to overpowering, yet the distinct oven fresh ham scent, coated in brown sugar is undeniable!

No Presents For You!- Pine tree and spice mixed scent! Christmas trees, cinnamon bark, thyme, apples and bayberry.

No Stranger to Regret- A scrumptious blend of aromatic peaches, mango, mandarin and orange flowers whipped up in fluffy vanilla cream.

Opus 2020- (Inspired by Penhaligons’ ‘Opus 1870’)- Prepare to be dazzled by something new! Refreshing Japanese yuzu brightens your world mingling with mediational Agarbatti incense drifting through your home.

Pass the Rolls!- We took fresh baked bread roll to the extreme with this warming scent!

Persimmon Basil Donut Delight- Not all doughnuts need to be sickly sweet! This lil delight features mounds of garden fresh basil blended with Japanese persimmon glaze atop a fresh from the oven cake doughnut!

Pickle Surprise- A melt that smells like dill pickles!

Pom Wonderful- Fruity juicy pomegranates sparkle amongst iced prosecco, sweet raspberry and apples, cherries and lemon slices aplenty.

Pouring Problems- A tall glass of beer on a hot summer day! Hops and barley abound with hints of sugary sweet strawberries, and lemon zest.

Prancer's Poop- Peppercorns, plums and spices blended with blackberries and oak moss.

Reality Bites- Crumbly vanilla wafers, flaky honey baklava dusted with cinnamon, and warm maple syrup.

Rebirth- Cocoa beans and crushed hazelnuts blend with smooth buttery rum, and warm sweet vanilla on a bed of spicy cloves, smoked caramel and smoky burnt cedarwood!

Requiem Waltz- A bouquet of botanicals give way to chamomile, white pepper and sweet heliotrope. A warm white tea blend balanced out with musk and woody ambers.

Scarlet Sonata - Spicy 100 foot pines blend with juicy pomegranates with hints of mulled citruses, and warm clove.

Scented Squirrel's Garden- A lush green herb garden, soothing earthy sage, fresh basil leaves and crisp mint are enhanced with soft bergamot, orris root, Australian lime, white musk and woods. (*Formerly known as ‘Herbalicious’)

Shape Shift with Me- Mango, acai berry sweet pineapple strawberries, raspberries, and sweet passion fruit pair with red currants, juicy plums and sweet sugar crystals.

Solitude- This calming scent features a honeysuckle and aloe blend.

Spin Spin Sugar- fluffy sweet sugar on a stick with a slight hint of vanilla! (Formerly known as Fairy Floss Delight)

Splendid Isolation- We took delicious plums and sweet ripened cranberries and mixed them with vanilla bean ice cream, whipped cream and waffles.

Summer's Bounty- A dewy August morning, the breeze blowing through towering oaks- the scent carrying freshly fallen leaves, green apples and geraniums with hints of rolling fields of dried herbs, geraniums and mums.

Sweet Little Thing- The sweet aroma of fluffy cotton candy combined with freshly picked raspberries, blackberries and boysenberries sit on a bed of warm buttered crust.

Sweet Sorrow- Vibrant lemon peels top moist and fluffy white caked topped with buttercream frosting and rich florals.

Tell it to the Moon- Sweet honey combined with jasmine, hints of musk and black cinnamon pair with pungent ginger!

Tempest- A luscious buttery vanilla blend with caramel drizzled over oven-baked squash. Maple cream and slight hints of amber & sandalwood accords make a debut as well!

Trick or Treat (The Joke's on You!)- A poisoned apple with its tart juicy apple aroma topped with spices and something malevolent in every bite!

Two for Flinching- Passion melon mixed with boysenberries, sweet strawberry and pomegranate juice and then turns things up to 11 with elderberries, guava and watermelon.

Unicorn Farts- A powerful dose of fruit loops, rock delicious rock candy and tropical soda make up this one of a kind scent.

The Veiled Hunter- Refreshing endless woods and pines combined with smoky woods, amongst a misty mountain breeze.

Villa Franca- Freshly picked zesty Italian lemons blended with coriander, lemongrass and warm vanilla- with just a hint of cream!

Wayward & Gone- Cool winter breezes, with frosty sleet forming in the afternoon. With nuances of leafy greens, dried crunchy leaves, slight citron and a subtle hint of spring herbs.

Wild Nights- Sweet almond and amaretto star amongst bourbon aged whiskey barrels, with peppery ginger and buttery caramel brown sugar swirls.

Wine Dine & 69- Go every which way with the scent of red wine, and deep oaks. Dry woods and hints of rich country florals. You'll go head over heals for it!

Your Familiar- Rosemary, eucalyptus, and thyme, with juicy ripe apricots. This scent reminds me of apricot jam on a toasted buttery rosemary bread!