Scent Library

Here you will find the full list of scents we have created over 6 years. Not all of these scents are available at all times.
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13 Moons- We travelled many moons to create our favorite new blend of resinous woods, plump summer ripened raspberries, on a labdanum, oud wood & spicy black pepper.

313- Cool and green, fresh and metallic. Greenery smashes into hints of jasmine, tomato leaf and slight woods!

3 From Hell- Delicious red apples and sugared pears on a cool fall afternoon, wafts of sage in the breeze while you walk through a forest of smoky cedar woods, guaiacwood and sweet musks.

6th & Main- Exotic sandalwood, soft musks and holy Palo Santo, melded together with warmth of toasted marshmallows on a base of creamy sweet vanilla and embers.


A Changeling, I Presume- A warm and mysterious scent, combining dark woods of oak and rosewood with a lighter charm of soft lavender and crisp apples.

A Day at the Sandbar- Creamy coconut with fruity undertones- reminiscent of a certain suntan oil… but with an extra Moonbeams twist!

A Day-O at the Sandbar- A mash-up of two of our most summertime swoon-worthy scents! Coconut and banana cream pie embedded in a lush tropical suntan oil scent.

A Demon to Lean On- Gingerbread and pumpkin with a black licorice twist!

A Ghoulish Delight- Spiced tea, ribbon candy and Christmas spirit! (*Formerly known as Krampus).

A Strange Companion- Sandalwood and crushed cloves play host to this unique blend with clovers, black dahlia and ambergris with hints of cassia bark and a vintage lounge.

The Abandoned Library- Step into the forgotten land of tomes and tales with dusty mahogany shelves and large leather chairs. Sit next to brushed suede chaise- adorned with cashmere blankets and lingering hints of sweet tobacco and old incense.

Abducted- Let the aroma of zippy peppermint spiked coconut cream blended into a cup of strong Brazilian mocha make for an irresistible concoction that will take you out of this world!

Absinthe in the Afternoon-We combined delicious earl grey tea, warm almond and vanilla macarons (flown in straight from Laduree in Paris of course) and then something poisonous… is that absinthe?!

After the Party- A blend of jasmine and sage with hints of dry desert woods, Indian musks, frankincense and spices from afar.

Agua de Jardin- Combining palm fronds and white musk, sweet figs, bamboo and sea salt breezes it’s the perfect summer scent.

Akasha's Wish (5 Elements: Spirit)- Smoked French vanilla, tobacco and warm white musk.

The Alchemists Garden- Sweet moonflower blooms under a full moon sky with notes of herbal green tea, enchanting crisp cucumber vines, dark musk, rose hips, juicy pears and sparkling lime.

All Hallows Eve- Bergamot, Lime, Rosemary and woody notes of black amber and oak moss.

All the Lost Souls- Dark cherry tobacco puffed pipe smoke fills the room while wisps of black licorice swirl through a stream of vanilla.

Among the Brittlebrush- A mix of dried flower stalks, creosote and agave leaves, bundled with sand dried desert woods, and chapped foraging bags.

Among the Ghosts- Warm gooey marshmallows roasty toasting on an open flame blended with creamy sweet vanilla bean ice cream and steeped with a heady tea blend.

Ancestors- Cardamom and tobacco, spicy nutmeg & clove mix with peppercorns, musk and woods in a smoky swirl.

Andromeda- Patchouli blends into hints of orange, fresh cracked black pepper, tobacco leaves and warm tones of clove, oak, and sugary caramel.

An Unholy Confession- Juicy blackberries mingle on the vines with plump grapes while a blend of dark garden herbs waft around you. 

Apache Jump On It- Prickly sprigs of rosemary, lavender and freshly picked sage leaves on a bed of honey, caramel and hints of amber.

Apiary- Sweet drippy raw honey with blends of almonds and vanilla, wildflowers, cocoa butter, and well… more honey.

Apostle of the Cacti- Towering Saguaro cactuses, endless desert greenery, and warm cactus water. We elevated the floral arrangements with bamboo, gardenia, and rosewood musks.

Apparition- A frighteningly sweet scent reminiscent of a certain "Berry Scary" Halloween breakfast cereal! Fresh blueberries mixed with sweet cream and endless marshmallows.

Arabesque- Dark cedar woods blended with musk and spicy coriander, black tea and hints of fall florals (autumn lily and lilac petals) balanced out with toasted pumpkin seeds!

Archangel- Feel your most powerful in this companion scent to ‘The Truth is Out There’. A complex blending of sensual patchouli leaves, sweetened chocolate notes, resinous ambered vanilla and bright Calabrian bergamot. *Thierry Mugler- ‘Angel’ dupe

Area 51- Pucker up with mouth-watering lemon, juicy strawberries and tart blue raspberry candy, come back to a familiar sweet spun sugar treat!

Around the Altar- Whipped peppermint swirled with tart apples on a bed of sweet French vanilla.

Artemis the Wild- Fresh winter air wafts through towering Canadian pines, while sparkling yuzu lends and uplifting fizzy aroma! Base notes of wild musks, woody orris and violet flowers round out this scent!

Aske (Ashes)- The heat from bonfire flames tempt you as swirls of dry smoke wisp in the air. Strong hints of oak aged bourbon, hints of leather and gasoline tingle your senses.

Astral Lowlife- Crushed violet leaves mixed with tart acai berries, and juicy clementines on a bed of black pepper and musk.

At Night We Fly (5 Elements: Air)- Fresh ozone, bright tonka musk, cedar, pear, lilies, spruce & juniper berries.

Atom Bomb Baby- Fresh, tart figs blast the senses as the scent gives way to plump, juicy strawberries and my favorite sweet lychee syrup!

Aurelia- Italian mandarins are steeped in a refreshingly light white tea with hints of springs peonies and berries, while yuzu and honeyed ginger tickle your nose.


Baba Yaga's Butter Beer- Hot buttered rum, with notes of brown sugar, frothy cappuccino and dashes of clove!

Bacchanalia- Festive spirits abound, this is a nostalgic scent that envelopes mulled wine at its heart, and abounds through your senses with orange peels, cinnamon and clove and then… a twist darling! Blackberries, also make an entrance in our exquisite new blend with their friends black currant and a musky vanilla and red wine dry down!

Bah Humbug!- It’s warm with cherries, red wine, cognac and zesty citrus.

Banana PB Glazed (Memphis Mafia)- Peanut butter and a cocoa/hazelnut spread mashup spread on top of a thick delicious glazed doughnut decorated with sweet banana slices!

Bandits- Spiced apples and oranges soaked through with barrel aged bourbon on a bed of musky vanilla.

Banished- Raw honey and cozy spices mingle together with mountain florals, rich cocoa butter and herbal tobacco leaf.

The Banks of Halfeti- (Inspired by Penhaligons’ ‘Halfeti’)- Halfeti, a small village off the banks of the Euphrates river is ancient and beautiful, let its beauty tell a new tale with tangled black roses, robust grapefruit and orange blossoms, shining in the moonlight on a bed of cinnamon leaves and ambered musks.

Banshees- A soothing luscious greenery blend! Breezy fresh air blows along a creek bed, winding its way through a damp Irish forest. Imagine dew hanging from moss covered trees, a light earthy musk with tangling vines.

Bar Breaker- It’s like creamy cherry pie on steroids- heaps of pink sugar crystals, orange citrus cream and coconut aromas with thick creamy vanilla custard.

Barefoot in the Garden- Let your toes connect with the soil as your fingertips graze endless tomato vines. Bright red radishes, wild basil stalks and rain kissed herbal greens round it all out!

Basic Witch-"Tea and Cakes" blended with the cult Fall favorite "Marshmallow Fireside"

Bat Country- This alluring new blend features freshly fallen leaves amongst fragrant Colorado pinyon pine. Out of the desert and into the forest, we blended fresh tea leaves with notes of forest moss and clary sage that you won’t fear or loathe…

Bat Out of Hell- This scent is the quintessential scent of fall & winter. Heavily spiced mulled cider. A Moonbeams best seller!

Bats in the Belfry- A uniquely sweet and smokey blend combining exotic smoked ginger spices, cedarwood, holy incense clove and olibanum.

Bed of Lies- Crisp apples and juicy pears star amongst a background of fragrant lavender, decadent white chocolate, creamy vanilla and a touch of oak to bring it all together!

Bedlam- A lush summer garden with clean florals, crisp apple trees, a cup of tea sitting on a cedar table and a squeeze of citrus and spicy ginger.

Bedroll Lullaby– Fields of wild chamomile, with the aroma of white flowers, balsam and pine blowing in the breeze while you doze off using your leather saddle bag as a pillow.

Bedtime Rendezvous- A soothing blend of lavender and chamomile with gentle white musk, neroli, a gentle kiss of powder and lily of the valley.

Believe in Magick- Cozy up with this warming scent of buttery oats swirled with sweet cinnamon, honey, crushed pecans, brown sugar and vanilla chai with a hint of smoked warm amber and resin.

Belladonna (Deadly Nightshade)- This scent is tender and beautiful yet strong and shall we say killer? Starting out with delicate hyacinths, the scent then evolves into a heady kick of musks and tangled garden greens hiding a deadly secret.

Beneath the Pines- It’s time for a twilight stroll this winter with crisp winter snows covering autumn’s decayed leaves, while lofty evergreens sway above your head! Pine needles, balsam and sparkling champagne set the stage for this winter woodsy scene!

Bermuda Love Triangle- A mysterious tropical scent with honeyed mangoes, endless peaches, bananas, strawberries, guava, wild berry and a dark rum and coconut sugar base. *Previously known as- 'The Satellites & I"

Betwixt & Between- Travel the line between the known and unknown with this unique blending of barley grass, basil and bergamot (we let the B’s really shine in this one!) Notes of wildflowers, citrus and tarragon leaves round it all out!

Bewinter- Sweetened peppermint from the Straits of Gibraltar blends seamlessly with creamy Mexican avocados and South American guaic wood!

Bewitched- Mashed sweet potatoes play host to dark buttery rum, spicy cinnamon, toasted brown sugar and vanilla beans, melted butter with notes of mulled fruits.

Black Forest- Creamy caramel swirled chocolate roasted coffee beans lead the charge on a base of buttery graham crust, adorned with a frothy marshmallow whipped topping.

Black Sunshine- Luscious black currants, tangled blackberry vines, delicate saffron, and turning the path to a star anise, fennel/absinthe potion!

The Blackwood- Sensually spiced woods mingle with wafts of tobacco and black tea, balanced with soft florals and hints of citrus.

Blasted Blooms- (Inspired by Penhaligons’ ‘Blasted Bloom’)-Clean salty aquatic air wafts about while amber-white musks, hawthorns, and delicate roses surround your feet. The powdery clean and mossy scent is perfect to enliven the room!

Blueberry Lemon Powdered Doughnut- A warm blueberry cake doughnut fresh from the oven, drizzled with sugary lemon icing and a fresh dusting of powdered sugar.

Blue Moon (2020 Moon Milk Collection)- Bursting blueberries with heaps of mint leaves.

Bodies in the Basement- A different take on sweet and smokey combining Guaicwood and vanilla creams, amber, fresh picked apples and rounded out with smoked musk.

Bohemian Grove- Ripe juicy peaches, wild Indian oranges, starfruit and tart cranberries.

Bombay Beach- The sweet blend of an old-fashioned vanilla cream soda and fresh summer cantaloupe!

Born of the Night- A warm and inviting blend of tobacco leaves swirling in a mug of vanilla coffee, with toasted hazelnuts, brown sugar, coconut syrup and a splash of cognac.

Born to Lose- We mixed fresh ripe banana, tart banana, added in creamy vanilla and grape ice cream!

Bound & Gagged- Dark rum poured over green apples, spiced Chai, creamy caramel, and toffee chips!

Breakfast Shotz!- Fluffy spiced caramel and orange pancakes drizzled with a whiskey maple syrup make this the ultimate melt!

The Briar & Bramble- Lush green oakmoss, cedar leaves and sparkling citrus sit on a bed of violet blossoms, lavender, sandalwood and musk, and full-bodied white woods.

British Bluebells- (Inspired by Penhaligons’ ‘Bluebell’)– Endless fields of the vibrant blue perennials dazzle the senses with dewy wild bluebells, luscious hyacinths, violets and delicate lily of the valley.

Brunchin’ in the Bedroom- It’s like using pancakes as a pillow! So fluffy and wonderful, but ours are smothered and covered with sweet cream butter and sticky maple syrup! Bacon slices and creamy cinnamon oatmeal help round it all out.

Buñuelos con Cajeta- A beautiful churro fried to perfection drizzled with sticky Mexican caramel and sprinkled with sugar crystals.

Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride- A refreshing tall glass of lemonade blended with plump raspberries and sugar peaches. We brought in extra zesty citruses and muddled it with fresh cut basil straight from the back garden.


Cabazon- Sweet honey dew melon, ripe bananas, juicy strawberries and mangoes rounded out with swirls of cotton candy.

Cabin Fever- Our warm blend of exotic woods, vanilla sugar crystals, and endless spices of cinnamon, clove and cardamom mean you are all set to stay inside a while longer!

California Sun- Let the sunshine in with orange blossoms and towering sunflowers! Fizzy peaches, tangerines, mandarins, and a unique blend of amber woods.

The Calling Cauldron- Towering evergreen and cedar trees combined with warm exotic spices, bergamot and a bed of woodsy patchouli and sweet vanilla.

Calliope- Our scentsational prose combines gorgeous gardenia blooms with dreamy ylang ylang, and jasmine, dancing playfully on a bed of soft powders, fresh ginger and sandalwood.

Calm the Fuck Down- This soothing scent is like taking a long walk-through lavender fields with distinctions of warm musk and sweet sandalwood. Warm dry woods, balsam, patchouli and Arabian musk will help ease your mind and make you forget about whatever it was that was making you mad in the first place! 

Calypso Cove- Nothing says tropical island paradise like an idyllic costal cove brimming with the scent of banana leaves, pineapples swaying in the breeze, with sweet sugar cane and heaps of sage rounding out this incredible new scent!

Canyonlands- Rich warm clove buds entwined with black leathery musk, a nod to the explorers and cowboys who once roamed these lands. Keep warm while stargazing with campfire embers and toasty vetiver smoked aromas.

Cape Heartache- Stand on the towering oceanside cliffs with us as the brisk winter water crashes into the rocks below. Frigid salty water and cold ozone star amongst a botanical forest seaside forest, juniper, and a dry driftwood base.

Captain Spaulding's Murder Ride- Oven roasted chestnuts and hazelnuts, blended with creamy marshmallows, maple and vanilla on a bed of baked green apple dumplings.

Carrie's Candy Corn- Smelling just like the tri-colored candy adorning candy bowls across the country all throughout Fall- Ours is a blend of vanilla candy with notes of butter and marshmallows!

Casanova- Aromatic cups of coffee get blasted with rosewood timbers, and towering oaks! I freaking LOVE this scent with its hints of milk chocolate, sheer musk, juniper berries and black amber.

Cast A Shadow- Raw honey swirled into the blackest of teas and fused with crisp orange notes and ripened apricots blended with mountain florals and musky woods!

Castillo Straights- Juicy mandarin oranges swirled on a bed of Tahitian coconut and creamy vanilla.

Catharsis- A slow drink of absinthe with its star anise and fresh green herbal blend of spicy cinnamon, fennel and cassia, and then let's it all unfold on rolls of parchment, and past mistakes!

Cauldron Cakes- Spooktacular apple baked pie/cake lay out the foundation for spectral black, rasp and straw berries, baking in the chamber kitchens with the scent of smokey dragon resin.

Cave Whispers- Cold, dark, industrious, cave dwellings of leather and coal entwine with bitter birch tar and mountain ash. We made sure it was suitable for the home by blending in aged whiskey notes and earthy bergamot.

Cereal Killer- We took the strongest coffee scent we could brew up, and blended it with a certain looped, fruity cereal scent that combined, sounds crazy, but one whiff, will drive you mad for more!

Chasing Comets- Breakfast on vacation is simply the best and you’ll be up and chasing comets in no time with sky high piles of cinnamon French toast, drizzled with a caramel, toffee syrup and strawberry slices. A maple, brown sugar butter rounds out this incredibly sweet blend.

Chasing the Green Fairy- Fresh green herbal notes, amber, star anise and other mysterious scents lay down the fabric for a truly tantalizing scent.

Cheat Day- Chocolate café cake topped with drizzly frosting.

Chemtrails- Rice milk mixed with white musk, sandalwood and sea water on a bed of gentle violet petals with creamy French vanilla and light coconut breezes.

Chill the Fuck Out- A soft blue hue brings you herbal minty goodness, while mixing into the cool green of our very own blend of rosemary and yep, more mint.

Chips for Dinner- This scent smells just like a big ole bag of chips. No dip, no crazy flavors, just the scent of chips without the greasy fingers and empty calories.

¡Chocolate Caliente Mexicano!- With cool minty chocolates, butterscotch crème, the ever so slight hint of Mexican spices it's sure to warm you up!

Chrome Flamingo- Tangy limes star in this new Moonbeams blend with milky coconuts, sweet agave and smokey brown sugar.

Cinder & Spice- Top notes of weathered teakwood blended meticulously with resinous sweet smoked oud wood and peppercorns. This delicious new winter blend features hints of sandalwood, smoke, and musk!

The City by the Bridges- We blended the juicy nectars of ripe pears, golden delicious apples and plump strawberries on a bed of heady musks, and mulled cider.

Cleopatra in Brooklyn- A sweet rooibos chai blend with delicious vanilla cream and tonka beans, saffron, baked gourds and bergamot.

clockWERK! Orange- Juicy blood oranges mixed with sweet raw honey and just a hint of thyme.

Coffee Maple Cream Bar- We started with delicious maple syrup drenched French toast and a piping hot cup of caramel macchiato and BAM combined them with the stickiest glazed doughnut we could find!

The Coffin Bangers- Sinister blood oranges, fizzy ginger, blackberries, rose and a kiss of musk!

Confessions- Piping hot hazelnut coffee steeped with gingerbread creamer. Vanilla and sweet butterscotch liqueur send this scent over the top! A sweet and salty delight!

Conjure- Earl grey tea leaves blended with a hint of greenery, fresh rose buds, and bergamot zest.

Count's Curse- The Count is back with chocolate and marshmallow overload packed into every melt!  Count's Curse is a creamy chocolaty scent.

Count the Stars- Sweet birds of paradise flowers blowing in a night time breeze- desert aloe, tuberose and chrysanthemum make this a star summer floral blend.

Coven- Come together with the scent of dusky bonfire breezes flowing amongst crisp falling leaves. Palo Santo is passed around your body while the circle tightens, bringing vanilla musk and warmed patchouli spices together.

Covering My Tracks- Earthen mosses and crisp snow give way to balsam and conifers, on a base of freshly grated coconut and toasted creams.

Cranberry Jalapeno Jelly on Orange Bread- Tart and sweet with a bit of heat! This jelly lends a great companion to our fresh from the oven orange bread!

Crimson & Clover- Bursting with cedarwood, sage, rosewood and tuberose with garden spices of nutmeg and clove all tied together with a smattering of sour green apples, hints of baked pecans, patchouli and sweet persimmons.

The Crooked Path- Fresh green apples, lemongrass, pears and dried figs blended with basil and herbs, and rounded out with bottom notes of lush green notes and towering oaks.

Cross My Heart, Hope to Die- Warm chocolaty cake topped with sweet strawberry buttercream frosting.

Crown It- Rose petals grace us with their spring friends of raspberry and orange, sparkling cranberry juices and the dreaminess of vanilla frosted sugar cookies.

The Crypt Keeper- The new overseer of the dead features a dark blend of warm musks, oakmoss, and cedar shavings, blended together with hints of old leather, and bouquets of lavender, ylang, ylang, and orange flowers. *Revised in Sept. 2019.

Cult of Demeter- Earl grey tea is steeped with crisp cinnamon apples, anise, geraniums, fresh herbs and fallen leaves. A truly delicious woodsy/floral blend!

Curiosity & Spite- Effervescent crushed spearmint and peppermint infused with fresh rosemary and garden herbs with just a hint of creamy vanilla to bring it all together!

The Curmudgeonly Crustacean- A warm blend of heavy vanilla cream, sweet banana puree, salted caramel swirls and sea salted pistachios!


The Dame- A peachy rooibos tea blend with soft florals, crushed apple blossoms, rosebuds, on a bed of fresh mahogany, cedar, sweet bourbon vanilla and tonka bean!

Damnation- Sweet and refreshing iced tea blended with delicate florals, while hosting a delicious apple cider accord! Sugary vanilla, tonka and fried cinnamon donuts.

Damn It’s Early- A piping hot cup of coffee to help jump start your morning! Hot French vanilla coffee with a coconut butter creamer!

Dance in the Dungeon- Spicy autumnal florals of marigolds and ylang come together and blend seamlessly with hints of cologne, woodsy orange blossoms, and mixed green and black tea leaves.

Dancing in the Willows- The dance begins by discovering a pond surrounded by endless flowing willow trees, their long branches twirling through your hair. Moss and green fern fronds star amongst cyclamen and apple woods, rustic woods and light resinous florals.

Danse Macabre- Unite doing the dance of death with us while adoring the enlivened scent of delicious oranges, so many damn oranges swirling around the dancefloor with apples, nutmeg, clove and black licorice! We die in the arms of death with vanilla and warm woody undertones!

Datura- In a cool spring night, by moonlight, their devil trumpet blooms appear, with an intoxicating aroma of blooming poisonous moonflowers, sweet lilies, intense cool sage and a deep intriguing woody clove and herbal essence!

Dawning- Cinnamon spiced crimson pears, basted in maple butter and sweet honey layered on a bed of thick vanilla creme atop fluffy pastry dough.

Dawn in the Harbor- Let the sun come up over the water with ocean breezes on a warming morning. Salty marine notes with ozone, luscious honeydew melons, creamy avocado and woody oakmoss.

Daybreak- Beautiful yet deadly lily of the valley flowers play host to this floral blend with elderflower blooms, sweet nectar and fragrant moss-covered bramble.

Day-O- Scented like a 6 foot, 7 foot, 8 foot BUNCH... of banana/coconut pudding pie.

Deadwood- Dark spiced bourbon blended with a creamy stout. Hints of nutty almond, rich vanilla, plums, butterscotch and raisins come together on a head of full-bodied ale.

Dear Colorado- The most perfect pine scent swirl with smoky firewood and a hint of earth. (Previously known as Yule Log)

Decadence & Debauchery- A smattering of fresh golden baked bread rolls, heaps of Danish pastries drizzled with vanilla cream icing, and a zesty orange pumpkin butter to spread around.

Deep Valley Blues- A comforting and soothing blend for those who get the winter blues. We took deep ambers and blended them with warm cotton sheets, cashmere musk and a hint of bay rum to bring it all together.

Den of Thieves- Black tea provides the base to this new scent featuring mandarin leaves, spicy natural musk, and a Silk Road blend of cinnamon, allspice, clove and nutmeg!

Desert Oracle- Paying homage to the Joshua Tree lands and unique landscape between Amboy and Zzyzx we brought about the abundance of white cactus lilies, dark green agave, juicy prickly pears and warm desert sands all wrapped up in a tantalizing mix of sweet dates, musky rosewood and earthy galbanum.

Desert Witch- White cactus flowers, lush foliage blended with green moss and cactus stems, and a hint of coconuts and spice.

Detective Popcorn- His sweet caramel sauce graces fresh popcorn and sugary goodness.

Devil Tender- A deeply mysterious blend of lotus blossoms, fresh rain, and African violets on a bed of earthen moss, warm vanilla beans, hints of leather and amber.

The Devil's Rejects- Fresh out of the oven pie served up with a fresh peach ala mode sundae, decadent maple coated chestnuts and our favorite wafts of smoke.

Devil's Rose Jam- Turkish roses blended with fresh raspberry jams, summer citrus and lemon make this melt absolutely divine! It’s Moonbeams take on a Lush classic!

DIA=NWO – The scent of constant construction and strange stories swirling around an already questionable place. Slate, white pepper, buddha wood and drywall.

Dime Store Cowgirl- You'll want to be best friends with her enticing saffron and amber aromas- with roses, hyacinths, and woody musks aplenty.

Disappear- Soft spring florals of lilac, jasmine, and African violets entwined with green foliage on a bed of white musks and clean fresh summer breezes.

Ditch Riders- We made a new smoky and seductive black tea blend with spicy florals, figs, and clary sage, all swirled together in an old cauldron with hints of leather and musk.

Dive Bar Diva- Rich bourbon and juicy tangerine combined with jasmine, pipe tobacco and white musk means this diva will steal your heart, and the half empty drink you left on the bar!

Do the Creepy Crawl- Golden nectar, musk & cloves, mulled cider and harvest berries.

Doin' It- Deep dark moist chocolate cake combines with creamy coconut and rich red velvet cupcakes to create a decadent delight topped with thick fudge icing.

Dolly Cakes- Strawberry buttercream frosting combined with vanilla cake.

Donner Party- Creamy, dreamy rivers of butterscotch combined with heady whiskey, smokey vanillas and... is that BBQ we smell?

Down in Durango-   We’ve created a scent for this fantastic town that is both a party and a getaway; that is a must stop destination for those looking to relive the past and enjoy the present all at once! Earthy and rich smoked vanilla tries to wrangle in wind swept tumbleweeds, towering white aspen wood, winding river rapids and exotic black cardamom, it’s a perfect balance between light and dark. Not too earthy and not too bright!

Dragon Fruit Jam on an Italian Baguette- Mysterious and sweet tropical dragon fruit jam tops our Italian baguettes!

Dragonfly Kisses- Summer sunshine combined with crisp rhubarb, juicy peaches, and sweetened Earl grey tea!

Dr. Feelgood: Bed- Lavender, chamomile and vanilla swirls waft about to calm, relax, and soothe you to a restful night's sleep.

Dr. Feelgood: Couch- A sinus clearing scent made up of three different menthol blends that will get that gunk out of your nose!

Draumstafir- Towering cedar woods combine with fields of herbs, French lavender flowers, earl grey tea, ylang ylang and tonka.

Dreamcatchers- Let your dreams abound with a new calming and balanced blend of sparkling bergamot, white tea and sugarcane. Refresh, regroup and revitalize with slight florals and rounded out with white musk.

Dusk & Decay- Purple violets, creeping wisteria and blooming jasmine blend with forest woods, ripe autumn apples and a hint of overturned earth!


The Edge of Night- Sultry Cuban tobacco leaves, spicy florals of jasmine petals, dark musk and amber, and distinctly provocative Oriental spices!

Edging- Big ole bursting blueberries and luscious Chantilly cream blended with a crisp warming smoked mint vanilla bean dream!

El Diablo- The butteriest baked cinnamon rolls you will ever taste drizzled with a brown sugar/caramel drizzle with a cinnamon and sugar dream dusting.

El Dorado- Take yourself straight to the southwest with this alluring blend of cactus flowers blended with aloe, zesty lime, fresh white flowers and creamy coconut!

El Palomino- Tumble weeds fill an old New Mexico street, while desert roses, deep ambers and cedar waft in the air. Slight hints of suede and black pepper round out this amazing new blend!

Empress- (Inspired by Penhaligons’ ‘Empressa’)- Peaches star amongst flowering hyacinths, and rich, spicy woods.

The Enchanted Grove- Sparkling frozen eucalyptus leaves give way to refreshing peppermint and rosemary. The grove’s green leaves then delight your home in a springtime breeze accentuated by warm ocean spray and a blend of creamy yet earthy vanilla.

The Enchanting Elixir- Juicy oranges, fresh raspberries with exotic florals; lilies, orchids and hydrangea, all sitting on a bed of warm vanilla, tonka bean and oak moss.

The Enchantress- A beautiful floral, yet sweet fragrance to brighten up the winter months! The Enchantress features a sweet ripened fig and rose vanilla cream blended with Italian waffle cookies.

Enigma- Come play with us amongst the blooming violets and crisp red rhubarb. Notes of heady bergamot, smokey incense, saffron and white birch give this new blend a unique and forestral base!

Entombment- Your body becomes one with the ground and begins to live again as a newly sprouted field of mushrooms. Wet fungus and musk intertwine as you become one with the deep earth.

Entwined- Walk through our late spring early summer garden with endless bushels of fern leaves reaching out to your hands while scents of lush honeysuckle and jasmine blossoms greet your senses.

Eric’s Apple Fritter- Hunks of sugared apple chunks strewn throughout fried cinnamon dough with a hint of smoked applewood to give it a little oomph!

Érotique- Blooming elderflowers and fresh herbs entwined with lemony magnolias and green leaves on a bed of bergamot, sandalwood, cedar and musk.

EucalyptYASSSS- This is the most awesome blend of powerful menthol-y eucalyptus leaves, spearmint oil and crushed peppermint leaves with amber and musk undertones to reveal a fantastic new springtime scent.

Everybody loves Ramen- A large bowl of herbed spiced ramen with notes of garlic, celery salt, sage, and warm broth.

Exsanguinate- Spicy mulled oranges blend with Bulgarian roses, cedars and cannabis. Dragon’s Blood and sandalwood, flow freely with sensual woods and oolong teas.


Fairy Ring- A ring of mushrooms circles around while wafts of old tales of past victims… err… humans, cedar trees, light rosemary and lavender catch your nose!

Fairy’s Keep- Heaps of mangoes mingle with papaya and summer citrus stirred into a white tea blend adorned with fresh herbs and mint leaves!

Fall's Mortal Coil- A swirl of bourbon, pumpkin spices, ginger and tobacco.

Fat Bottomed Ghouls- A blend of deep dark bourbon, tangled moss, black cherries, and musk!

Fatally Yours- Refreshingly beautiful scents of vanilla and lily of the valley swirled with the beautiful aroma of rose petals to bring you a floral, flirty scent.

Fate & Finery- Sweet orange tea accented with fresh rosemary, nutmeg, warm patchouli and a slight garden blend make up this tantalizing scent!

Felix Felicis- Enjoy this snappy blend of fresh green grass, fields of clovers, tart green apples, & sweet, juicy watermelon! *Scent created by Hexennacht!

Feliz Navidad- Cinnamon, creamy vanilla, coconut milk.

Feral Witch- Will bring about your wild state with twisted thorny Hawthorne roots, untamed hemp, neglected tomes and long forgotten woods make for one unrestrained scent!

Field Holler- Sweet peach nectar blended into warm hay, full bodied greenery, honeysuckle, and sun drenched oakmoss!

Fingal's Cave- This melt has a winning combination of rose, cedar wood and cardamom that is comfortably light and airy!

Florida Water- Tangy grapefruit, rich vanilla, herbal sage leaves and a hint of earthy pine.

Following the Equator- Watery musks and seaweed play host to salty sea spray, fern, orris, green ozones and driftwoods.

Folly of the Forest- Earthy mossy greens and endless trees encircling a beautiful lake are highlighted by floral hyacinth and a base of musk, oakmoss and amber.

Forage- Let the smell of endless grassy fields be left behind and enter into the pear tree forest with its juicy hanging fruits, jasmine flowers, dewy spring florals and ozonic greenery complete our quest!

Foreplay- Melt in your mouth cotton candies, blended with sweet pomegranate lollipops and heaps and heaps of sugar.

Forest Bathing- Come clean your space and welcome in spring with this light and refreshing blend of sweet jasmine and angelica florals, citrus, and hints of rain in a Japanese garden. Umeboshi, water lotus and cyclamen round out this beautiful blend!

Forest Maiden- Freshly baked sweet English scones with melted butter and honey, vanilla drizzles feature alongside crushed apple blossoms, sweet cranberry, floral jasmine and bruised flowers.

Forest Witch- Do you dare follow her into the woods? Spicy elemi resin, smoked oud, white cloves and warm amber ciste and truly endless tree leaves will leave you spellbound by her forever!

Fortuna Forever- Three different types of mint together to create an alluring blend of rich chocolate & buttercream with cool peppermint and the freshness of spearmint leaves!

Franken Fun- Based off Count's Curse, and Apparition's fellow breakfast cereal friend, you know the pink one! The one that mixes luscious strawberries and creamy marshmallow.

From Darkness to Light- Sugary vanilla and spice combine with rose-mallow delight play host on a bed of musky ambers, tender rose buds and hints of sweet raspberry buttercream.

Front Porch Sessions- There’s nothing like sitting on the front porch with your friends, the scent of crisp violets, jasmine and fresh sheets blowing in the wind. The sun shining on your face, the warmth of summer embracing you with smiles, laughs and good times.

Frozen Garden- Plump oranges hanging heavy on their branches, get blasted with refreshing peppermint whipped winds, while earthy sage, chamomile and herbaceous basil all vie for your attention in the suddenly artic blast!

Full (Moon Phase Melt)- Fresh lavender, mandarin and bergamot blended with white musk, ylang ylang, sweet gardenia, white moss and vetiver.

Fussing Over the Duke- (Inspired by Penhaligons’ ‘Much Ado About the Duke’)- He’s a real fancy boy! Bubbly and aldehydic, he’s sensual and seductive, but with a twist about him that tickles heartstrings! Nighttime roses, mingle about with fresh herbs, crisp woods and a snap of gin!


Ganymede Getaway- Starfruit, guava and exotic tropical greens star amongst a background of sea moss, white musks, and water lily to brighten your trip to the largest moon in our solar system!

Garden Glow- Sweet juicy peach nectar blended with rose hips, light floral green and freshly brewed lemon tea.

Garden Witch- Three enchanting mints: Peppermint, spearmint and zesty Eucalyptus, with a tincture of black currants, anise, honey and steeped black tea!

Gateau d' Automne (Autumn Cake)- With warm crisp apples, pumpkin, corn husks and spices blended with a touch of dried herbs, and the warm vanilla tones of buttery toffee and creamy caramel!

The Gatekeeper- We love this concoction of apple orchards on the edge of endless pine trees, their pine cones covering the ground. We brought it to the current season with mossy vines, bamboo stalks, and dark watery musk!

Get On Your Knees- Chapped genuine leather and wafts of musky wood steeped in the blackest of teas.

The Ghost in the Greenhouse- Combining pure aldehydic cotton sheets, billowing around a grand Victorian greenhouse, its ivy stretching along the stained-glass windows and up into the chandeliers above. Lush morning dew lends a vibrant note while rosewood and soft musk help ground the scent.

Ginger Dead Men- Fresh out of the oven gingerbread combined with a piping hot cup of coffee blended with vanilla and cloves.

The Gloaming- We took that one specific moment of every night and brought out the dusky aromatic woods, succumbing to darkness enveloping the cerulean waters before you. Cassis, cedarwood and crisp air all lead to twilight forests.

Gnome Home- Cheery and inviting Mrs. Gnome invites you into their tiny abode offering warm straight from the oven strawberry zucchini bread blended with creamy vanilla while Mr. Gnome puffs on a pipe wafting musks and notes of lavender throughout the room.

Gold Rush- Get ready for a sweet rush of warm cream and turmeric, mystical musk and orange blossoms, all blended together with bourbon infused marshmallows on a bed of cardamom and light coconut milk.

The Golden Bough- We travelled first to Sri Lanka and then to Egypt to bring this scent of cinnamon to your home. You better bow down to the sexy and unique blend of dried Ceylon sticks and darkwood barks that we concocted in our cauldron for you!

Gone with the Wind Fabulous- ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ – Smells like: Twirling Florals, Steeped Green Tea, Sweet Honey

The Grand High Witch- We are paying tribute with exotic jasmine flowers, spiced honey and creamy butterscotch (sweets to entice the children of course…) With notes of dark amber, resinous oud wood, square shoes, purple eyes and, oh goodness; we’re getting ahead of ourselves!

Granny Witch (5 Elements: Earth)- Lush foliage, baked apples, and warm sage, nutmeg & spices.

Grape Jelly on Wonder Bread- Sometimes you just gotta stick with a classic! Homemade grape jelly smothered on a slice of white bread.

Grape Pop- Grape Pop is sure to excite the senses with its fizzy (yes it smells fizzy) sweet grape scent! Grape goodness set on a creamy soda background- YUM!

Grimoire- Fresh baked herb bread, with a thyme buttered crust, warmed with a cozy swirl of smoke.

The Grove- A refreshingly juicy blend of ripened pears, crisp apples, peach blossom mixed with spiced cloves musky vanilla and Earl Grey tea.

Gryla- Classic Northern pines, Blue Spruce, and juniper star in this wintry blend! We rounded it all out with botanical gin, hints of apple, cedar, clove and red currants! (*Previously known as 'Cool Yule')

Gunslinger- A strong and invigorating scent with notes of gunpowder, sagebrush, flowering white thyme and smoky prairie woods.

Gypsy Punk Hymn- A cool refreshing mix of peppermint, spearmint, thyme, rosemary and sandalwood with a hint of creamy vanilla.


Hakuna Ma Fuck It- Bubbly club soda and gin with grapefruit citrus accents, delicate florals all rounded out with balsam fir, fresh rosemary, and crisp cedar- it's like a big whiff of Tamworth's Garden Flora Gin for the masses!

Hamilton- Spicy, yet warm, citrusy and invigorating all in one melt; just you wait until you get the refreshing scent of crisp brewed iced tea and freshly squeezed lemons dropped right in.

Handsome Friends- Long nights in the garage working on cars, pockets full of peanut butter cups and secret whispers (aka shots of whiskey when no ones looking).

The Hanging Garden- Soothing lavender and wisteria petals with notes of chamomile and herbs, on a bed of sugary oatmeal sprinkled with crushed almonds.

The Hart & Hunter- Warming vanilla bean swirls around your home with notes of cedar woods, dried oranges, musk, fire roasted chestnuts, and heady tobacco leaves.

Harvest Moon (Moon Phase Melt Exclusive)- A blend of Earthy spices, oakmoss, hints of sweet woodsy florals, and a heady full bodied steeped black tea all laid on a bed of cedar, amber and sandalwood!

Hay Rake Hollow - Fields of barley, endless haystacks and wind our way into the woods. Leave the farmhouse behind with its scents of currants, nutmeg and grapefruits, and descend into darkness of cassia bark, and endless white birch trees.

The Headstone Hop- Pumpkins, apples, whiskey and honey!

The Hearth Witch- A loaf of perfectly baked rye bread, baked over an open kitchen hearth. We took delicious herbs of fresh basil and sage and baked them right into this warming baked bread scent.

Hecate- Blooming bouquets of golden yellow roses are met with sensual jasmine, honeysuckle and hints of raspberry vines, light powder and white teas.

The Hedge Witch- Resinous patchouli blends seamlessly with prickly briar roses, sun ripened raspberries and hints of tangled elderberries on a perfected bed of ambergris, canella bark and creamy oud.

Hell Hath No Fury- Your favorite big ole mug of Turkish cappuccino with just a liiiiitle splash of whiskey. It’s how the cowboys would have swigged their coffee before hitting the trail!

Hell or Highwater- A pond hidden up in the mountains tucked away where only the locals know. Morning mists sweep across the body of water with touches of musk and rum, and the smell of rifles having been fired off after a long night of partying.

Her Husband Gets His Dick Sucked at the Round-Up- 'The Real Housewives of Dallas' - Smells like: Cedar Plank Floors, Cowboys, Warm Dallas Nights

The Highlands- Come with me on an adventure to the Scottish Highlands, where morning mist and earthy dampness collide with the wet forest looming in the distance. Frolic amongst the lush greenery with hints of woods and leather at your heels!

High Noon- Slices of warm cinnamon, clove, ginger and sugar cake; between puffs of tobacco smoke through your favorite pipe.

High Street- Ylang ylang, jasmine, green citrus takes your senses straight to London with the earthiness of thick moss, tangled gardens and swirling fog.

Hippie Chick- Hippie chick brings her spirit straight to your home with top notes of cannabis and lush green ferns opening up to gardenia, violets, white musk and warm golden amber.

Ho Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum- Caribbean rum soaked raisins dispersed throughout a caramel cream swirled bread, topped with walnuts and a decadent vanilla bean drizzle! 

Hollow Moon- Warm sandalwood, citrus and mint on a bed of coconut, lush green notes and black pepper.

The Holy Trinity- We took our three favorite ‘black’ scents and BEHOLD! The Holy Trinity was created! Deep dark black musks swirled into piping hot steeped black tea, sensual tart blackberries elevate this mysterious herbal, heavy new blend!

The Home & Hearth-The scents of warm maple buttercream and apple smoked tobacco.

The Homer- Fresh warm jelly donuts drizzled with gooey strawberry glaze and topped with colorful sprinkles! Mmmmm donnnnuuuttttssss

Hot Damn!- Refreshing freshly squeezed oranges star amongst a cayenne/chili powder baked corn bread loaf.

House of 1000 Corpses- Freshly baked waffles and Italian biscotti topped with a butterscotch /pumpkin drizzle, baked with sweet butter and crushed walnuts.

How’s Your Head?- You’ll have no complaints with this incredible new blend of ripened Anjou pears, and flavorful fruits topping a buttercream drizzled golden cake and dusted with fiery chipotle peppers.

Hyperion- We combined sweet, raw honey with hot cinnamon and apples, creamy caramel, toasted graham crackers and sugar crystals.


Ice Reign- Crisp and cool, herbal and creamy, Ice Reign has it all! Frosty spearmint leaves and cooling eucalyptus mingle seamlessly with hints of cedar and coconut on a creamy vanilla base.

Ichabod- You’ll lose your head over toasted pumpkin seeds, smokey vanilla and sweetened amber patchouli. Smoldering hearth embers, spiced nutmeg sprinkled buttercream and puffs of pipe smoke round out this hallowed scent!

The 'Ideal' Scent- A dark room of clanging cauldrons plays host to swirling mugs of earl grey tea and a steady scent of lightly burning resinous palo santo wood, it’s mysterious and ethereal yet warm and inviting all at once! *Specially formulated for Ideal Body Piercing studio in Ann Arbor, MI!

I Like My Coffee Black (Just like my metal!)- A full fucking blast of nothing but roasted coffee straight to your melter! No hazelnut, no fruits, no nothing, just coffee. BLACK coffee.

The Illuminati- Red wine, ripe blackberries, sandalwood and thyme on a dry woody base.

Incantation- A blend of bright orange slices, subtle hints of apples, crushed cloves and cinnamon, streaks of wood all blended gently with woodsy florals and dried twigs.

In the Flicker- A summer bonfire by the beach! Sea salts and aquatic florals combine with buttery, coconut creams, charred woods and warming brambleberry teas.

In Search of the American Dream- Well we took apple pie and turned it on its head with the sweetest caramel glazed apple slices you’ve ever smelled and baked in fresh vanilla bean, nutmeg, sweet sweet butter and more caramel just because we can.

Innocence Lost- Frosted pumpkin doughnut cupcakes drizzled with heaps of delicious vanilla cream glaze!

Interstellar- Insanely zesty lime juice, muddled mint & agave with... is that tequila we sense? What kind of space trip would it be without it?

Into the Hollow- That first step into the bramble tree line brings about the aroma of dried apples and oranges, crisp falling leaves, and smoky burnt woods. Swirled with fall herbs like sage, clove, sprigs of rosemary, and tobacco flowers.

Invocation- An alluring scent of fresh rosemary, dark cherries, and warm patchouli with peppery undertones of warm woods and a deep vetiver.

I Still Believe- Aquatic florals and sea moss are mixed with dewy green notes lead to a refreshing oceanic fragrance that is sure to send your senses into vacation mode!

J - K

Java Jive- This one is pure perfection! Caramel fried bananas swirled with a roasted Ethiopian blend. It’ll get you up and dancing in no time!

Jingle & Go- The sweetest of cherry syrup blended into a fizzy soda blend like no other.

Joshua Tree- Miles and miles of yellow blooming creosote bushes with delicious desert cactus.

Journey to Jupiter- Once you’ve toured Ganymede, take a short ship trip to Jupiter where you’re greeted with glasses of bubbly pineapple champagne, wild elderflower and crisp cucumber slices balance out your arrival!

Judy’s Galactic Garden- We started with tumbleweeds and tall wild prairie grasses, balanced out with wildflower honey, fresh air and sweet sages. Bursts of spicy botanical blossoms, and warm powdery heliotrope.

K-Town Steakhouse- A savory pan seared peppered steak cooked to perfection, accompanied with a fizzy gin & tonic, and the scent of large red leather booths.

Kalahari Down- We took the aroma of juicy sweet watermelon slices and turned it into a luxe adventure with notes of fragrant Holy Basil leaves, light nutty Hawthorne wood, and just the slightest hint of Turkish apple tea.

Kelpies- We were inspired by the Scottish water tricksters blending white leather and watery musks. But no tricks are found here with the addition of sweet misty heather flowers, vanilla heliotrope, and light green mossy leaves.

Key Lime Cream Dip- Delightful juicy tart Key Lime icing top a scrumptious vanilla cream doughnut.

Killer Queen- Fruity/crunchy cereal berries, sweet banana bread and cake cake cake!

Kink- Fresh, juicy, ripe peaches on a bed of golden-brown crust and topped with fluffy Madagascar vanilla buttercream.

Kitchen Witch- Hanging dried herbs of thyme, fennel and anise, swirling in a cauldron of tart grapefruit juice and dried orange peels; with hints of light eucalyptus and brought together with vanilla bean marshmallow!

Knotty by Nature- Tall cedar trees, endless pines, and rich fir blended with warm spices and a glimmer of vanilla musk.


The Lady of the Lake- We took beautiful water lilies and combined them with aquatic ozone and cool earthy oakmoss. Airy ozone, fields of fresh clovers surrounding the lake, and bountiful crisp apples help round out this ethereal blend!

The Lament- Black peppers and cloves amidst an Indian bazaar, lush topiaries, and glowing embers. We blended smoked woods with dried citrus, herbal violets, cardamom pods, tonka and sweet musk.

Lascivious- Fresh crisp apples direct from the orchard combine with cinnamon, nutmeg, orange blossoms and drizzled with sweet honey.

The Last Rites- Clove spiced oranges star amongst cinnamon apples, zesty grapefruit and just a hint of sandalwood.

Late Days- A blend of apricots and Mediterranean figs, sweet drippy honey and olive branches. It’s a unique mix on a background of creamy coconut and warm cedars.

The Late Harvest- Heaps of pumpkins freshly brought in from the patch combined with bushels of freshly picked blueberries, on a bed of the fluffiest, ooeyest, gooeyest buttermilk marshmallow whip to make a divine new sweet fall treat!

le Fantôme- Quite possibly our smokiest, most resinous scent we have ever created! Let the old ghosts rise with the resinous and unique scent of copal swirling around you with dark oud, hints of leather and smokey sweet vanilla.

Left for Dead- Warm hazelnut coffee blended with buttery vanillas, rich cocoa, brown sugar and a hint of peppermint creamer.

Like, Seriously?- Sweet bamboo shoots combined with casaba melons, plums, rosewoods, watery musk and sea spray covered driftwood.

Little Nightmares- Heady chai tea with its clove buds, cinnamon and vanilla swirls uniquely blend together with morning pastries, and hints of citrus and ginger!

Living the Dream- We dreamt up the perfect spring walk with blooms of mountain florals, zesty Italian lemons and sweet honey, together with just a touch of thyme. Rounded out with orange blossoms and light santal, it’s truly a dream come true.

Locked in the Cellar- Smoked woods waft seamlessly with black currants, bay leaves and coriander, deep ambers, cashmere musks and oakmoss.

Lola- Zesty lime mixes with lush sweet vanilla to sit atop a warm bed of cushy sugar cake.

Lone Wanderer- A unique mix of pipe smoke, chapped leathers, a swig of bourbon and smoky firewood.

Long Lost Feelings- Creamy caramel stars in this unique scent featuring juicy ripe peaches on a bed of French vanilla and velvety white musk.

The Long Winter- Stay warm through these colder months enveloped in the hug of saffron, plums, and a campfire smoke. Sweet vanilla and nutmeg warm you from the inside while you shelter beneath towering fir trees!

The Longshoreman’s Lament- Aquatic florals of watery ferns, sea mosses, and salty breezes swirling among crisp watery mints, ambers, tangy ocean mist and never-ending dune grasses.

Lord Parcemont- sweet scents of orange Danishes dusted with cinnamon, blended with creamy sweet espresso and warm Italian hazelnuts.

The Lost City of Atlantis- Wild seas and sparkling nectarine blend seamlessly with palm frond, precious beach woods, and mesmerizing salt-soaked marine flowers.

Low Country- Darkly delicious black tea plays host to rich butterscotch, oak barrel aged whiskey and swirled with burnt sugar and wafts of campfire smoke.

Luminaria- Light the way along your own darkened path with uplifting sage and white tea, blended with invigorating citrus notes, lily and an herbal twist thanks to nopal leaves!

Luna's Dance- The scents of jasmine, fresh brewed teas, and powdery florals.

Lunar Lighthouse- Let the waves crash around you while aquatic winds blow through your hair. Oceanic botanicals swirl with salty ozone, slight sandalwoods and a hint of citrus.

Lunar Path- A fresh-picked lilac bouquet with notes of earthy patchouli, clean musk, creamy vanilla beans, on a strong warm cedar wood base.

Luxor- (Inspired by Penhaligons’ ‘Cairo’)- Travel down the Nile with us on a sunset cruise, with complex Saharan roses, blooming labdanum, and a refined ancient patchouli scent.


The Maharaja- Fresh lemons and fields of strawberries with unique ginger, dark musk and rare rosewoods.

Maiden of the Moss- Let the maiden guide your way to light and feeling refreshed with her special blend of leafy mossy greens and fragrant berry nectar combined with bubbly pink passion and grapefruit juices, while daring elderflowers, loquat petals and smoky musk help round out this new beauty.

Maleficio- Earthy spices, weathered barn boards and rustic rosewood & cedar combine with cloves, vetiver, dark amber and oakmoss.

Malleus Maleficarum- Top notes of smoky dragons blood, mysterious cedar-wood and earthy patchouli blend together on a bed of floral undertones.

Mamarracha!- Watermelons star in this messy new blend of candied watermelons, sweet and juicy watermelons, fizzy watermelons and just straight up messy ass dripping watermelons!

Mandrake- For those of you looking to bring some spice to your life, Mandrake brings you: Bubbly ginger beer, cardamom, and spicy black peppercorns. *Scent created by Hexennacht!

Manta Ray Mantras- Shimmering ocean waves star with towering sea kelp, ocean moss, and sea spray, with a twist of plump blueberries and watery musks to round it all out!

Maple Coffee Cream Bar- We started with delicious maple syrup drenched French toast and a piping hot cup of caramel macchiato and BAM combined them with the stickiest glazed doughnut we could find!

Marge’s Iced Coffee- 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' - Smells like: Joe, Another Coffee Joe, Large Iced Coffee, Snickers Creamer

Masqued- Dazzle amongst the court in your mouthwateringly sweet poached pear best, spinning around the dance floor disguised with your best cask aged brandy in hand as you flaunt vanilla swirls and spices from faraway lands behind you!

The Master You Serve- Exotic spiced amber blended with dark vanilla musk and a hint of jasmine.

The May Queen- Heaps of endless beautiful bouquets of tulips in every color star withy lily and sage, sweet berries and cotton candy swirl through with woody undertones, sweet amber and well, more flowers.

McShingleshane Forest- Damp, earthen moss entwines with musky and woodsy patchouli.

Mephistopheles- Deep cherries & clove buds, cedar, dark vanilla, hints of patchouli and smokey tobacco leaves.

Merry Maker- Creamy vanilla and sweet buttercream frosting adorn Danish butter cookies with toasted sugar and a glass of sweet milk, to entice Santa to hurry down your chimney to get a whiff! (*Previously known as 'Cool Yule')

Mescalito- The scent of miles of cactus, their bright green towers shining with beautiful flowers, sweet agave, Valencia orange, soft musks and watery aloe with desert winds blowing burning Palo Santo and earthy patchouli.

Midnight Alchemy- Decadent woods welcome and awaken you to the magic of night with notes of amaretto, tonka, resinous oud, guaiacwood, and freshly chopped cedar.

The Midnight Society- Do you dare join the society of darkness with us? Savory, salted, buttery, baked soft pretzel stirred into the delightful cup of strong, luxuriously dark expresso with just a sprinkling of cinnamon.

The Midnight Special- Creamy vanilla ice cream folded into tart blackberries and marshmallow fluff, with a Moonbeams twist of green sage leaves and a hint of herbal spice!

Mists of Avalon- Lush green forest, the aroma of earthy damp moss wafting through the leaves with woody amber and a slight hint of linden blossoms, cyclamen and sweet basil.

MJ's Garden Party- A delicious concoction of afternoon tea cakes, honey covered scones, sugar milk, adorned with drizzles of blackberry icing!

Mojave Mists- Tropical Christmas cactus blooms shine amongst zesty lime juice, drippy agave syrup, and mango tequila margaritas!

Moodring- Delicious strawberry cream frosted sugar cookies lay down the base to this scent while creamy swirled black tea lends the perfect companion to this delightful new blend!

Moonbeams Mystery!- Is it sweet? Is it woodsy? Is it clean? What does the great grand new mystery melt smell like to YOU?!

Moon Garden- Herbaceous lavender and freshly bloomed violets, moss and earthy patchouli swirl through the night winds with warm creamy honey starring amongst sandalwood and vibrant green tea leaves.

Moonlight in Memphis- Delightful glasses of herbal white tea and berry swirled lemonade are elevated in the moonlight on a bed of Ylang Ylang and watery florals.

Moon of My Life- An exotic earthy amber blended expertly with woodlands of moss, fern, cedar and pine on a bed with French vanilla musk.

Moonstoned- Heaps and heaps of cannabis flowers star amongst rain drenched ivy leaves and rounded out with fragrant stalks of vetiver, dried hemp, and a touch of sage.

Morning Brown- Our version of Morning Brown will perk you right up with mountains of coffee beans roasted and blended with nutmeg, cardamom, and vanilla!

Morning in the Market- We took a combination of creamy chocolate and coffee, stirred in drizzly caramel, heaps of spiced maple and plopped a big ole marshmallow right on top.

Morning Wood- Warm birchwood, oakmoss and towering cedars elevate the scent with whispers of tobacco, vanilla, and clove.

The Mothman Cometh- Let the Mothman himself shine his benevolence upon you with the scent of a West Virginia cedar forest, crisp fall leaves and TNT gatherings. We somehow brought together river waters, motor oil and peppery musk to bring you a scent as complex and elusive as the history of the Mothman.

My Bloody Valentine- creamy dreamy white cake blended with Madagascar vanilla and buttercream frosting and topped it with freshly made raspberry jam!

My Pearl Necklace- Floral ylang-ylang, ghost flowers and endless fields of daisies brighten your day while beautiful white ginger and a base of dark amber resin round it all out.

Mundungus & The Lady- A beguiling duo of Mediterranean coriander, white lime, Thai Basil and Italian Bergamot with hints of cedar and woodsy pine and citrus zest!

Mystic- Open your mind to the clean scent of green ozonic top-notes with wild roses. woodland musk, damp earth and clean linen.


Narcotique- An enticing blend of foliage and oakmoss blended with a heady tonic of chamomile and coriander. A unique blending of herbal lavender, cedar and tea leaves.

The Narrow Way- Tart green apples simmer in a spice pot with blood oranges, clove and nutmeg and brought together on a bed of Patchouli and cedar. And is that incense we smell wafting around as well?

Necromancer- Roasty, toasty marshmallows on a campfire. Dark and sweet!

Nettle- Vibrant fennel, oregano, and damp earthy after rain chypres also lend themselves to quite possibly the ‘greenest’ scent we have ever made!

New Moon (Moon Phase Melt)-Tangled garden vines, summer citrus bouquets, ripe tomato, raw honey and a hint of overturned earth.

Nightfall- Let us sooth you into the summer night with sophisticated scents of jasmine and spicy florals, white musks and chicory wood blend into hints of tea leaves and rounded out with sweet plump peaches.

Nighthawks- Soar amongst the sequoia's and birch trees at night with plump juniper berries, cassis and orange peels on a bed of deep vetiver and musk!

Night of the Living Dead- Imagine if you will a warm cinnamon, nutty, cider brioche drizzled in vanilla bean caramel butter, a true carb delight that pairs well with a smoky warm maple bourbon on a cool night. *Reformulated Oct. 2021

The Nightmare of Milky Joe- Fresh coconut milk mixes with sweet nectarines and splashes of creamy vanilla bean.

Night Shift- An ode to those who prefer to work while the world slumbers, we’re here to help keep you awake, our midnight driving force! Rich decadent chocolate swirls in your cup amongst caramel cappuccino, brown sugar and maple mallow crème, we promise to keep you awake long till dawn’s arrival!

The Nightside of Eden- A romantic wintery scent that will make your home smell enchanting throughout the holidays! Crushed rose petals star amongst ground cinnamon sticks, guaiac wood, cloves and vanilla musk!

Nights in Laredo- Come spend the night on the range with a heady blend of Texas tea infused with fennel and tarragon, apricot nectar and warm woody earth tones.

Nights Like These- Aromas of cinnamon and clove, caramel and vanilla coconut milk swirl about dark spiced bourbon mixed with fresh black pepper.

Noble Oak- (Inspired by Penhaligons’ ‘Quercus’)- A refined blend that combines moss covered cobblestones with moist rain-soaked oak bark. Sweet hyacinth and lush basil leaves round the scent out nicely!

The No Hit Wonder- Frosty raspberries, wild cranberries and holly blend seamlessly with sweetened condensed milk and perfect buttery, flaky pie crust!

Noctem Aeternus- The long night has arrived with blooming jasmine, frosted mint leaves, and notes of ozone. Take it all in while surrounded by snow flurries, hints of ylang ylang and smoky vetiver and mysterious musky blends.

Nocturne- Mysterious dark oud wood, blended with warm vanilla frosting and sweet maple syrup, on a bed of toasted graham crackers and a hint of juicy raisins.

Nomad By Fate- Raspberry blossoms, white lily, fresh ozone and a hint of apples on a bed of French Bordeaux wine and bright tonka musk.

The Northerner- Notes of honey, creamy caramel, cider spice, maple sugar and crunchy fallen leaves.

Nostalgia- A romantic blending of white lily and dewy greens with delicate jasmine and pink rose petals on a base of amber and musks.

Nuclear Lullaby- Strong gin and juice… peach juice to be exact, with lavender syrup and effervescent cream soda to round it all out!

Nuka Cola Cranberry- Our sweet & tart version will quench your needs featuring fresh picked tart cranberries. We then upped the soda goodness with maximum sweet cranberry syrup and even more sugary cola!

Nuka Cola Dark- Spiced clove cola mixed into dark rum.

Nuka Cola Quantum- Our delicious version features six delicious fruits with a tropical nuclear zing of tart lemons, heaps of ripened pineapples, and bursting with melons all blended into bubbly soda!

Nuka Cola Quartz- This high-energy scent will gleam in your home with its sparkling lemon and lime jolt!

Nuka Cola Victory- You'll love to appreciate the freedom you feel with its unique blending of melted Bomb Pops swirled with old fashioned cream soda!

Nuka Cola Wild- We took a familiar Moonbeams scent (Sassafras) and gave it a twist by boosting the scent with the fizziest ginger ale we could find and mixed it with a sweet root beer brew, before rounding it all out with a dash of herbal horehound!

Nyctophilia- Take a walk through an exotic woodland with the scent of ebony, deep vanilla and white orchids.


Oddities & Obsessions- A clever blending of herbal cloves, figs and tobacco leaves combined with bergamot, cedar leaves, earthy sage and fresh picked basil.

Odyssey of the Octopus- Sweet mango and guava cocktails blend with island coconuts before the scent descends to the depths with salty ocean water, dark rums, and sweetened amber notes.

Offerings & Blessings- A comforting blend of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove with notes of festive pines and a surprise from buttercream cookies sitting by the fireplace.

O.K. Corral- Stroll the dusty road (across from the Sarsaparilla Emporium) where the smell of freshly bottled sarsaparilla wafts through the streets mixed with creamy and smokey vanilla ice cream.

Old Gregg!- You know the scent, the earthy herbal blends of black pepper, vanilla, and peppercorns, but now it’s time to know the merman the myth the legend that is Old Gregg! *Lush-‘Lord of Misrule’ Dupe

The Old Man & the Sea~ Fresh pipe tobacco combined with an intricate blend of stormy ocean waves, coastal pines, spicy cloves, Italian mandarin and zesty limes.

Old Souls- Warm chai and butterscotch infused bourbon star in this new fragrance spiced with cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon & ginger while rich vanilla and pumpkin clove make an appearance as well!

The Old Woman's Cottage- A warming scent that blends nutmeg and cloves with creamy creme brulee, and warm teas swirled with condensed milk.

One-Night Stand- We mixed all the liquors (like you did last night); the barrel aged bourbon, intoxicating maple whiskey, sweet almonds and swirled tonka bean. Rum, cognac and wood.

Only Flans- Subscribe to our incredible new caramel milk, sweet cream treat that is truly flan-tastic!

Orange Thyme Marmalade on Rye- We love a good marmalade on top of thyme baked rye bread and what better than a blood orange marmalade to grace it’s savory presence?!

Orion Story- Let the story unfold with intoxicating gardenias, and white florals. We took hints of tart yuzu, and an exotic vanilla bean base to bring it all together.

Our Lady of the Campfire- Billowing smoke, and dry fir needles incinerate among slight hints of clove, patchouli and smoldering logs.

Our Lady of the Highway- She’s seductive and headed on her own path- white cloves and sun soaked leather combine with brushed suede and miles of blacktop make this a fantastic new blend that blurs all the conventional scent lines!

Our Lady of the Salton Sea- Breezy sea currents waft through with oceanic florals, sea salt spray, and hints of citrus, all sitting on a bed of water mint, cedarwood and vetiver.

Out on the Lanai- Set on an absolutely gorgeous Miami afternoon, the scent of honeysuckle, mystical salty ocean water, driftwood and sea glass abound it’s the perfect scent for gossiping with the girls!

Outlaw- Ripe, sweet, banana liquor swirled with brown sugar and caramel sauce with hints of smoked wood on a base of strong black tea.

Over the Garden Wall- A unique blend of fresh green grass, fields of clover, and lush forestry with a hint of pipe smoke!


Paid in Brains!- Juicy and oozing with blood… oranges, goji berries, and black currants on bed of musky island vanilla, white ambers and golden honey.

Palisades- Luscious blueberries baked with sweet vanilla beans, English Thyme, brown sugar and spiced cinnamon with hints of Spanish rosemary, and musk!

Panic on the Streets of London- Industrial London comes to life with metal and steel combined meticulously with aldehydic greenery, ylang-ylang, amber and singed roses!

Paper Lanterns- Light up the skies this spring with a blend of sparkling grapefruit amongst sage winds, night blooming orchids, cedar, and deep purple hyacinths on a bed of herbal woody bouquets.

Paradise Lost- Summer plumped raspberry vines entwined with clover and wisteria, a hint of sweet grass.

Parlour Talks- Elderflower liqueur blends with notes of lemon and candied ginger, woodland strawberries, and a slight hint of rare woods to bring it all together.

Party on Pluto- What was once a prime party planet is now a “dwarf planet” we created a scent for after the party… fresh crisp cool air (it is 3.7 billion miles away from the sun after all) mingles with surprising spearmint and cold eucalyptus to present a clean green scent like no other!

Passionfruit Orange Guava Donut Delight- This donut is straight from a Caribbean island! Sweet luscious guava, heaps of juicy oranges, and endless passionfruit glaze sweet sticky doughnuts!

Pay By the Hour- Pink pepper and saffron combine with the effervescence notes of tart lingonberries, zesty apples and Valencia oranges on a bed of bergamot, ebony wood, creamy vanilla and spicy red tea leaves.

Peach Preserves on a French Baguette- There’s nothing better than grandma’s homemade peach preserves and we feel very fancy spreading it on a lightly toasted French baguette!

Persephone- Fluffy white cake is adorned with a sugary rose and almond buttercream with hints of vanilla cream earl grey glaze, soft bergamot, and the sweetest musk we could find!

The Pickety Witch- A blend of fragrant orange peel, warming spices from her cottage garden and peppery ginger. With notes of cinnamon bark and coriander, spicy peppercorns and bergamot!

Pink Moon (2020 Moon Milk Collection)- A blend of delicate crushed pink rose petals floating in a pool of creamy milk.

Plain Sailing Weather- Salty sea breezes combine with a fall rainstorm, a gale at sea with notes of seaweed, green ozone and a hint of ocean florals.

Plains & Prairies- Rolled spiced oats with creamy caramel, maple syrup and fluffy marshmallow blend with woodsy patchouli and a hint of baked fresh apples and clove.

Pleasure Unfolds- Tahitian vanilla swirled into fresh rosebuds, citrusy lemon and powdered sugar with hints of warm butter rum!

Pluviophile- Subtle rain droplets combine with water-soaked leaves, damp brisk air, and hints of autumnal florals.

Pollywogs- Stunning fern leaves and herbal blends play host to bergamot, musk, and blooming fragrant jasmine on a bed of woodsy teak.

Postcards from Ursa Major- Lemon custard, banana buttercream, and delicious coconut rum with a twist of lime will make anyone back home jealous of your travels!

The Potion Master- A whipped batter of smooth pumpkin cream, meticulously blended with pumpkin spice, gooey toasted marshmallows, enveloping warm oven baked pretzel rods and salty oat milk caramel lattes, it’s truly sweet and pumpkiny!

Potions & Prophecies- Prepare to be entranced with our new blend of bright juicy pomegranates enveloped with oriental florals, mystical rosemary sprigs and grated cinnamon to help predict your love of this scent!

Practical Magic- Prepare to be enchanted with desert wildflowers in full bloom, freesia and poppys are balanced out with cool greens, sandalwood and nude musks.

The Prancing Pixie- Hints of ozone, tall wild grasses and sweet sage, with blooming jasmine, wild woods and whispers of wisteria.

Prayers Unheard- We let the ‘holy wood’ Palo Santo shine in this delicious new scent. A mild sage and cedar blended scent that we paired with exotic florals, hints of citrus, pears, and a slight hint of warming vanilla.

Prickle Thistle Bouquet- Japanese cherry blossoms blowing in a spring breeze with hints of blood orange, freshly bloomed tulips, whispers of wisteria, black roses and smoky woods.

PrimaDonna- Packed full of fresh juicy strawberries, tart rhubarb, buttercream and zucchini bread to bring you a fulfilling bundt of badassness!

Prime Meridian- Thyme, cucumber, balsam and earth on a bed of warm rain, an ocean side spa, hints of amber, ginseng and musk help round out this new summer blend.

The Prince of Tides- Let a quiet night on a seaside beach whisk you away with the scent of salty tidal waves, crisp sea spray and billowing sea grasses.

Project MK Ultra- Sweet fluffy vanilla cake topped with sweet juicy peaches and candied ginger.

The Pumpkin King- Take your mind to corn mazes, cinnamon and sugar, hay rides, pumpkin spice lattes and everything fall themed that you can imagine.

Pure Morning- White chocolate mint bark swirled into an extra-large cup of house blend coffee. Just like you order from your favorite coffee shop. A friend in need indeed!

Purple Moon (2020 Moon Milk Collection)- Honey Lavender

Pussy Liquor- Dug up earth, a swig of whiskey and warm decadent chocolate espresso.


Queen of the Rodeo- Let our girly girl go up against the toughest of cowboys with hints of ozone, lilac and wisteria, clover and whispers of dark leather and spicy bergamot.

Radtastic- This is the ripest, sweetest, juiciest watermelon with heaps of mint.

Raindancer- It’s time that the music and afternoon rain storm take away your worries with wafts of falling rain amongst the forest trees hanging heavy and wet. Damp wood and peppery herbs help make this a hit scent for all our greenery and rain scent lovers!

Raise a Wreck– Rough waters combine with bergamot, basil and seaweeds, chicory wood and tonka bean on a bed of musks and crystallized ambers.

The Ranger Station- As you make your way amongst the towering balsam and pines the scent of freshly doused campfires swirl smoke around you as wafts of chapped leather from your new boots (that are somehow already covered in sap!) also hit your nose.

Raspberry Lavender Jam Filled Donut- We took summer fresh raspberry jam and boosted its perfection with lavender cream before piping it on a scrumptious warm sugar doughnut!

Raven & Rook- Dripping raw honey and sweet light nut woods, and leaves rustling in the wind!

Ravencroft- Fresh raspberry vines with lemon blossom, fresh picked basil, flowering lilacs and heaps of garden mint and sage.

Rebirth of a Muse (5 Elements: Fire)- Saffron, black cinnamon, smooth vetiver, sandalwood and soft vanilla musk.

Red Moon (2020 Moon Milk Collection)- Cherry Chamomile

Red Pop- Fresh juicy strawberries on a creamy fizzy soda background make this a truly delectable scent!

Reptilians- Refreshing lemon and lime slices mixed with sparkling soda and crushed mint leaves.

Revelry & Rejoice- Freshly baked apple pies get served before you- a feast for all the senses! We made sure that a warm caramelized vanilla drizzle accompanies this slice of pie while you seek out your next dance partner through swirling pipe tobacco and warmed woody plumes.

The Revenge of Lady White- (Inspired by Penhaligons’ ‘The Revenge of Lady Blanche’)- Heady and delicate, floral, spicy and oh so dangerous! Violet like Orris dally around with soft yet potent hyacinths, and at the heart of this vengeful scent… Narcissus flowers!

Reveries- French vanilla and frosted ivy intermingle with sticky spun sugar, creamy vanilla musk, and winter roses.

Riders on White Horses- A winter blast of bergamot and teak blend with hints of leather, oud, cedar and vetiver. Seductive, yet inviting scent in winter’s chilly months.

Right on Thyme- We allowed our favorite tiny petaled friend thyme to star amongst the ever spreading garden mint leaves while notes of woody accords, light lavender, and slight powder also make an appearance.

Ritual of the Maiden- Unique layerings of herbal tea leaves, orange zest, apples, cinnamon and nutmeg and a hint of worn leather.

Rockaway Beach- Sweet iced berry lemonade, chunks of watermelon slices, and set forth before you; mountains of creamy, vanilla stretched taffy and towering ice cream scoops.

Rosebud- A bed of seductive Victorian roses fills the room with wafts of English tea, warm clove and candied ginger.

The Routes We Wander- Featuring delicate jasmine and lily, white musk, hints of floral leather and vanilla heliotrope.

The Royal Tea Witch- Heaps of crushed violets and tangled London gardens dance amongst wafts of earl grey teas, swirling lavender buds and soothing marshmallow cream all come together in one big family!

The Rum Diary- Nothing says rum and longing for summer like Malibu and damn it we took the coconuttiest Malibu rum we could concoct and mixed in extra popular buttery black coconuts to make for a one of a kind absolute sweet and coconutty concoction.

Run, Rabbit, Run- Fresh pumpkin blended with buttery pound cake, fresh squeezed oranges, creamy vanilla custard and dusted with nutmeg and clove.


Sacred Heart- Warmed and comforting holiday spices mixed with crushed juicy fresh cranberries, and a smathering of cranberry marmalade!

Saddle Tramp- Heady scents of cloves and patchouli, bergamot, amber wood and just a touch of rose petals.

Saguaro Forest Saloon- Vanilla from a faraway land, cinnamon pastry, sweet vanilla spiced tobacco and Cuban cigars with velvety cognac.

Salted Mango Cheesecake Donut Delight- This insanely sweet and salty donut is a creamy fruity dream with heaps of sliced mangoes atop a graham cracker cake doughnut!

Samhain- Sweet apple butter and pumpkin puree.

Sand in the Gears- A fabulous blend of musky seaweed, blue agave flowers, green ozone, sandalwood and salty sea breezes.

Sartorial (Type)- Beeswax, oakmoss, vanilla, suede and spices all appear in this signature Penhaligon’s scent! It’s dapper and delicate all in one.

Sassafras- The fizziest ginger ale we could find mixed with sweet root beer and rounded out with a dash of herbal horehound. *AKA Nuka Cola Wild

Saturnalia- A delicious blessing that anyone can enjoy! Let Saturn himself bless your home with endless strands of hot buttered popcorn adorning an intriguingly twisted scent of juicy tart grapefruits.

Savior of Misbehavior- Sweet sun-ripened strawberry jam are blended with creamy vanilla and spread on the most perfectly toasted buttery baguette.

Scrying- Watery leaves, brisk air and clean earthy sage blended with a touch of warm amber.

Sea Witch- Sweet orange flowers and towering sea kelp play host to salty water crashing upon smoky crackling beach fires. This scent is so complex with wildflower honey, hints of sandalwood and wafts of watery florals.

The Secret Garden- The lushest florals that invoke the feeling of stepping through an English garden in full bloom- endless roses and green leaves, lily of the valley at your feet, with chrysanthemums, lilacs, and jasmine.

Sell Your Soul- Sky high piles of French toast drowning in melted butter, drizzled in the sugary-est maple syrup deliciousness we could blend up and then dusted with cinnamon & sugar.

Sex Magic- Rich Irish cream coffee swirls with deep dark espresso and buttery rum with hints of coconut milk and smooth whiskey. Pure sex in scent form!

Shadow Box- A tantalizing blend of peach nectars and butter cream swirled with ginger & clove spiced caramel pralines and chopped chestnuts!

Shark Attack!- GET OUT OF THE WATER! Delicious coconut rum, fresh pineapples, blood oranges, juicy honeydew and milky coconut.

Shattered Teacups- Creamy milk is swirled into herbal white tea with hints of heliotrope, apricot kernels, yuzu and musky chamomile.

Sigils in the Dirt- Manifest your own destiny with sophisticated floral patchouli on a dry down of ancient Palo Santo wood. Vanilla campfire smoke and incense blend into the dusty dirt beneath your feet while scrawls of sigils take shape around you.

The Sign of the Seahorse- Heaps of tropical passion fruit star amongst juicy papayas, and refreshing lime juices on a bed of our very own curated rice milk!

Sign of the Times- A wintery floral blend. Fresh bergamot, with hints of English greens, gardenias and sandalwoods on a bed of soothing white musk.

The Sinister Awakening- Evergreens play host to this transitional blend with dewy winter air, dried leaves, and earthy greens, heady musks, fresh chopped woods and plump juicy berries.

Sisters of the Winter Wood- Black roses star in this new floral/woodsy blend with warm spices, vanilla orchids, and sweet musk amongst an olden woodshed left forgotten in the endless winter months.

Slay Ride- Natural spruce and notes of balsam with snow covered pine trees.

The Sleep of Endymion- (Inspired by Penhaligons’ ‘Endymion’)- Moonlight shines upon our dear Endymion sleeping peacefully on a bed of black suede amongst fresh greenery, and bergamot, warm bodied musk and wafts of coffee.

Slice of Life- Named for Dexter Morgan's Boat it boasts: Sweet freshly squeezed Florida oranges & salty ocean air. *Scent created by Hexennacht!

Smack by Bishop- Looming in an old Essex cathedral, incense smoke fills the confession chamber mingling with woodsy palo santo, neroli, papal patchouli, vetiver, and musk. Cardamom & clove smoke round out this earthy prodigal delight!

Smoke & Mirrors- Cider pressed apples mix with pears, hints of clementine, peaches, and spiced with cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg while balancing on woods, pine and cedar.

Snake Oil Salesman- Soothing night jasmine, heaps of ginseng root and clary sage star amongst Mexican limes, tea tree oils and agarwood.

Snuffed- Smokey, herbal tobacco swirls with warm buttery vanilla, earthy black teas and an Oriental blended herbs and spices!

Soliloquy- Let our dramatic new gourmand blend address you straight to the point with its decadent snickerdoodle cookies, piping hot and drizzled with a toasted hazelnut butter, and a vanilla whipped cream dollop on top!

Solstice Stroll- We took fresh oven baked orange Danishes, drizzled with sweet vanilla glaze and mixed in a sweet maple woods, hot black teas and burning leaf piles wafting in the cooling autumn air.

The Somnambulist- Warm Madagascar vanilla woods playing host to blends of patchouli and satsumas, crisp berries, and laid out on a bed of warm Asian spices swirled into the blackest of teas.

Sorcery- Sweet luxurious figs, blended with oak and enchanting blackberries, orange zest, cassis leaf and vanilla orchids.

South- Southern fancy at its finest! Fresh baked cornbread drenched in butter with hints of rum and vanilla and drenched in maple syrup!

Spacey Kacey Cakes- Leafy buds of OG Kush combines with an old fashioned chocolate layer cake make this a blend that will either give you the munchies, or cure them!

Spellbound Harvest- Pumpkin funnel cupcake mashup- with delicious cinnamon and caramel swirls.

Spell of Seduction- Herbaceous lavender blended with luscious citruses of lemon and lime, and ripe juicy apples on a bed of green flower stems, light florals and a hint of shimmering musk.

Spirit in the Sky- A smokey mix of fireworks blasting off across the sky, tobacco from Hunter’s favorite Dunhill’s fill the air high above the Colorado skyline.

The Spriggan- Moonbeams’ spriggan guards a treasure of ripe juicy strawberries ready to be picked and enjoyed while a blend sea salt wind whip through a birchwood forest.

Sprites of the Inglenook- Invigorating winter fruits of plums and oranges combined with woodsy herbs and musk, spicy peppers and juniper berries.

Stars of the Midnight Range- We meticulously blended smooth rich creamy butterscotch with puffed tobacco notes, herbaceous tobacco leaves and freshly brewed coffee with just a hint of fired pinewood.

Stardust- Juicy, plump raspberries blend with vanilla cream soda and just a touch of minty ice cream!

Start the Killing (Season of Slaughter)- Freshly carved jack-o-lanterns on a warm fall evening with bonfire smoke billowing in the background.

Stay Free- Tahitian gardenia, neroli, bergamot, chrysanthemums, white musk, and cherry blossoms on a bed of vanilla buttercream.

Stigmata- Blood will flow with a strong glass raised of the deepest merlot we could find. Spices from foreign lands, and juicy winter berries, swirl with warm woods and patchouli, hints of licorice and amber aplenty.

Stollen- Warm baked cinnamon and gingered bread heaping with fruity chunks (this isn’t that boring old, Americanized fruitcake, oh no!) come served heaping with a cardamom and cognac swirl, with hints of musks, molasses and whiskey to bring it all together!

Stregheria- We let Italian blood oranges star in this scent while sticky bittersweet black strap molasses and sinister black vanilla provide the perfect mysterious base for all your international witchy needs!

Stregha Nonna- It’s time to meet the grandmother of Stregheria. A crackling kitchen hearth fire lays base to the warmest blending of Valencia blood oranges, allspice, cinnamon and warm vanilla, heaps of brown sugar and clove buds.

Stroll the Boulevard- A fresh roasted brew, its sweet creamer meticulously swirled in, and combined with a buttery chocolate scone dusted in cocoa powder make this a scent dream come true!

Succubus- One of our most requested scents that combines smokey ginger root, with crushed clove, creamy coconut custard all wrapped up in a ground cinnamon and sugar base.

Summer Berry Jam on Buttered Toast- We made our own jam with summer’s stars (strawberries and raspberries) to spread all over a delicious morning buttered toast.

Sun Diego- Summery scents of beach flowers, ocean air and suntan lotion mixed with warm summer air and sweet melons!

Sunrise in Saguaro- We took a warm fall breeze and brought in sun weathered driftwoods, soothing musks, amber and bay rum, towering saguaro flowers and an ever so slight coconut/sandalwood concoction.

Sunset in Sedona- We took a windy desert evening, dry charred woods and sandy dust storms, mixed them with our favorite crystals set out on the sill ready for the moons light to charge them for a new day and infused the whole creation with clove buds, mysterious saffron, white smokey timber, and laid it all out on a bed of torchwood and sacral labdanum.

Suns Out, Buns Out- A grapefruit fizzy gin drink blends with honeydew and limoncello, while breezes of salty tropical ocean flowers, envelop you in the perfect summertime scent.

Supernova- Ripe honeydew melon slices mingle about with sweet raspberry and juicy gelato for a sweet fruity explosion that truly lives up to its name!

Swamp Elixir- Our cauldron stirred up a potent tonic full of citrus- orange zest, fizzy lemon, juicy pear and tart cranberries stirred to perfection with dried autumnal herbs (rosemary sprigs, and dried grapevines) all brought about with vials full of velvety rose musk!

The Swamp Witch (Prev. Known as 'Creature From the Black (Metal!) Lagoon')- Dragged through the depths, tendrils of sea kelp wrap around the scent of dark musks, salty water and mud. Featuring hints of cardamom, vetiver and an undercurrent of amber and minerals.


Tales from the Gas Station- Thankfully, this scent leaves the gross parts of gas stations behind and instead features smooth low octane gasoline, combined with cold metal framed cars and engine oil.

Tales from the Road- Warm sandalwood blends seamlessly with amber and teakwood, smoky puffs of tobacco, dark vanilla and sweet honey. On a bed of vetiver and rugged musks.

Talks with the Barn Owl- Musky oud wood combines with cedar smoke, and warm vanilla with background notes of tobacco, amber and forest greenery.

Tanglewood- A whole mess of fresh mahogany and cedar woods with hints of autumnal lily flowers, clary sage and golden amber. Toasted pumpkin seeds, white musk, and tonka beans also make an appearance in this stellar scent!

Thick as Thieves- Island pineapples and spiced rum play on a bed of decadent creamy coconut, dusky charred wood and hints of bergamot and smoke!

This Twilight Garden- Bulgarian roses, oolong tea and heaps of cannabis flowers mingle amongst spearmint twilight skies. Brought together on a bed of eucalyptus and white musk.

Thunder Road- Starring Italian bergamot grey tea, steeped with chicory, cloves, saffron and fresh herbs, accompanied by smoke and fir needles, hints of leather and light musks.

Tigerlilly's Revenge- warm spices mixed with buttery vanilla pound cake and rounded out with a delicious cup of piping hot sweet orange tea!

Toadvine- A warm cozy cottage, clove, cinnamon and nutmeg lend their fragrances on a bed of vanilla.

Tokyo Twilight- We took herbaceous lavender sprigs perfect for a calm restless night and helped bring it to life with vibrant warm steeped green tea leaves and hints of marshmallow mint!

Tom’s house was broken into, and he confronted the burglar and then he had to go have eye surgery and then my son had to go over and help and then, my son, he rolled his car five times on the way home. My son went because I can’t go, and then on his way home, it was snowing and he rolled his car. I’m under a lot of stress. – Smells like: Snow in Pasadena, Zero Fucks, A Pretty Mess of Peace

Tooti-Fucking-Fruity- Fruit loops, rich buttercream ice cream and vanilla bean.

The Tragedy of Lord Louis- (Inspired by Penhaligons’ ‘The Tragedy of Lord George’)- Welcome in traditional nobility, with dollops of shaving cream, woodsy tobacco leaves, and classic warming bay rum.

The Tramp- A beautiful blend of tart blackberries and summer citrus with Turkish roses, violets, jasmine and geranium on a bed of tonka bean, cedar and musk!

Tree Nymphs- Sugared flower petals star amongst tea roses, pink peppercorns and sparkling citrus, while cedar trees and smooth musks abound.

Triple Goddess (Maiden, Mother, Crone)- A sultry blending of velvety florals, deep musk, with hints of black currants, honey, and woodsy notes.

The Truth is out There- With a blend of woods (to get abducted from) green notes (reminiscent of the little men), amber, vanilla,  and orange blossom, this scent is Mulder and Scully approved! *Thierry Mugler- ‘Alien’ dupe

Tumblestone- Enchanted green forests, their towering cedar and pine trees are the opener to cloves, orange blossoms and hints of raspberries, hints of patchouli and sandalwood, oakmoss and grassy herbals round out this scent!

Twitch of the Tongue- Spicy greens play host to a blend of juicy sweet tomatoes, garden spices, orange blossoms and exotic flowers. Earthy, yet invigorating!

Two Tickets to Pearadise- Two different pear blends take YOU to paradise with a blackberry and apricot lusciousness and laid out on a bed of crisp ginger ale and sparkling peach woods.


Under Your Spell- Earl grey tea blends seamlessly into buttery vanilla marshmallow swirls and mixed with a sweet cotton candy creamer!

Unearthed- Long walks in the graveyard after a spring rain! Wafts of florals, white velvet musk and overturned earth.

Vagabonds- Crackling woods blended with sweet blood orange, campfires, vanilla and caramel with hints of thyme, and walnuts!

Veneficium (The Femme Poisoner)- A cold enchanting blend of heavy dew while walking along cobblestones through a moist and lush garden after a heavy rain.

Violetta (Type) - Sweet violets star in this timeless scent, while delicate green geraniums help round it all out. A woody cedar and musky base help to bring this velvety mysterious and yet oh so glamourous scent to life!

Voyage to Venus- Head on over and explore the mysteries of earth’s sister planet and bask in its warmth of crushed clove and malted sugar, cardamom and ground cinnamon blended into a rich melted butter, tonka bean and whipped milk cream.


Wail of the War Drum- This mysterious scent boasts dark exotic woods, deep vanilla, vetiver and sensual musk.

Wake the Dead- The strong scent of freshly brewed coffee, blended with cocoa powder, hazelnut, sweet buttercream and brown sugar.

Walking Children in Nature- We’re taking you straight to Planet Tammie with towering redwood and cedar trees, crisp pine, Asian muskmallow seeds, dark olibanum, and earthy spices blended with fresh thyme, gala apples, and wild oranges!

Walk of Shame/Strut of Honor- Warm molasses, decadent crème brûlée, and ooey gooey maple and brown sugar glazed cinnamon bread.

Wandering Star- Ripe bananas mix with coconut milk, clove, bergamot and sugar crystals to lay a foundation for juicy strawberries and sweet whipped cream!

Wanderlust- Cool spearmint, peppermint and eucalyptus come together with herbaceous greens of rosemary, delighting and warming the senses, while creamy vanilla soda brings warm undertones to enliven your day!

Waning (Moon Phase Melt)- Ripe juicy peaches, wild Indian oranges, starfruit and tart cranberries.

Wassailing & Mumming- We took boring old eggnog to new heights, with a steaming mug of hot rum and chai black tea. And rather than cream, we used a cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, vanilla and ginger spiced eggnog to stir it all up!

Watermelon Tamarind Chili Donut Delight- We made a spicy fruity sweet doughnut confection that is good enough to eat! Juicy summer watermelon glazed doughnuts are slathered with tamarind fruits and spicy chili pepper pops! 

Waxing (Moon Phase Melt)- Peach blossom, jasmine milk. Strawberries, apple, and coconut milk combined with eucalyptus, vetiver, pineapple and sun-dried driftwood.

Weapon of Sass Destruction- This sweet little tart is a lemon drop dream! Four different lemon blends come together with nuances of citrus peels, lemon glaze, lemon cakes and candies galore!

Welcome to Atlanta- Juicy ripe peaches and oranges are blended with vanilla champagne fizzies.

Welcome to Roswell- Earthy white woods combine with sheer musk, prairie florals, hints of berries, mandarin and a twist of the unknown – Welcome to Roswell!

Were People Doing Coke In Your Bathroom?- 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' - Smells like: Apple Blossoms, Water Lily, Dorit's Bathroom

We Rose From the Ashes- Creamy caramelized vanilla layered with burnt marshmallows, swirling pipe tobacco and smoky musky charred woods.

When the Coyote Calls Me Home- Whispers of huge fern leaves mingle amongst earthy spices, decaying forest trees and paw dug earth.

When the Last Leaf Drops- Brown sugar and smokey campfires blended with cloves, creamy vanilla and brisk Autumn leaves.

Where the Buffalo Roam- Billowing plumes of smoke from grills gone awry, hickory smoked tangy BBQ on a bed of resinous dried wood.

Where the Hedgehogs Play- A light green tea blends into crisp cucumber and warmed by the delights of herbaceous lavender and sparkling aquatic camphor!

Whispers in a Shot Glass- The strongest glass of whiskey we could find, with it’s woodsy warm aromatics of maple, caramel, bourbon and rum, blend seamlessly with Grand Marnier, the chocolatey/clove-y scent make for one friend you’ll tell all your whispered secrets to.

White Moon (2020 Moon Milk Collection)- Spiced Vanilla

Whitechapel Chap- Mysterious anise and rainy morning streets set the scene while warm amber, rosewood and moody chilly air make you look over your shoulder with every step you take!

The White Witch- A trifecta of fresh creamy coconut milk swirled into luscious marshmallow meringue dotted with vanilla beans. 

Who's Gonna Dig These Graves?- We blended woodsy vines snaking across fallen leaves with mahogany tones, moist lichen, orris, ambergris, and hints of aged leather in the darkest forest we could find.

Who’s Your Daddy?- Fizzy cola blended with fresh oranges and warm cloves.

The Wild Hunt- Engage in pursuit of this wild new blend of fresh white birch, hauntingly beautiful agarwood, warm exotic spices, sweet Madagascar vanilla. Sweet florals and velvet woods make up this killer new scent!

Wildcrafting- Bergamot and oranges blended with earthy oak moss, and fresh cut juniper, cut through the crisp air with warming notes of spicy cassia bark, fragrant cedar and crushed cloves.

Will 'O the Wisp- Sweet jasmine and rose mix with moss and grass on a bed of cedar wood and patchouli.

Winter Alpenglow- Iced mint comes together with neroli, bergamot and strawberry frost. It’s the quintessential winter scent with a Moonbeams twist! Slight smoky pine, guaiacwood, and currants help round it all out!

Winter's Bride- Cool spring waters and delicate snow crocuses entwine with delicate jasmine, forest woods, hints of sea spray and brisk eucalyptus.

Winter in the Windy City- A giant mug of hot chocolate swirled with creamy marshmallow meringue and drizzled with a white chocolate buttercream.

Wish on the Moon- Plump black currants, juicy figs, peaches and vanilla and mixed with a blend of freshly brewed rooibos tea and rose petals.

Witches Brew- Smoky woods, flowers and bubbly effervescence- Eye of newt and snake tails have been added for extra goodness! 

Witching the Well (5 Elements: Water)- Fresh morning dew, watery leaves, and brisk morning air.

The Witching Hour- Fresh herbal sage leaves entwined with sprigs of rosemary and a hint of lavender wafting in the breeze.

Wolfenoot- Embrace the cold (you've got lots of fur anyway!) with fresh arctic air, warmed spiced woods, thick cedar woods, herbal cloves and black amber, warm musk and endless aromatic mountain trees to run through with your pack!

Wonderland- Freshly brewed tea steeped with lemons, lime, and roses complimented with sweet vanilla cakes topped with maple goodness.

Woody Creek- Enjoy the endless eternal forests and rolling fields- we allowed this outdoor adventure of towering alpines, rosewoods, mountain birch, smoked oud and metallic florals to shine.

Word of the Warlock- Icy, cold, yet truthful. Calabrian bergamot and lemon blends with cardamon and saffron flowers. Let his words wash over you with sparkling waters, moss and chicory wood.

Wraith- Cool mints, frozen aquatics, camphor and fresh fallen snow. Brr. Cold, crisp and frightful this scent will send shivers down your spine!


Yachtly Crew- Warm summer breezes soar amongst rocky coastlines, driftwood & palm leaves. We let shimmering coconut, seaweed and wild violets co-headline this summer smash hit!

Yellow Cloud- We took fresh ripe bananas and juzzed them up a bit with wild herbs, tropical palm woods, warm musk and large pineapple leaves.

Yggdrasil- Juicy mulberries and piping hot earl grey tea swirled together with an intoxicating aroma of clary sage, dried violets, winter musk and tea leaves all on a bed of vetiver and rich amber.

You Ever Drunk Baileys From A Shoe?- Downstairs mix-up (and copyright infringement) be damned, this is the finest blending of Irish whiskey, rich vanilla and butterscotch creamed liquor, and notes of whiskey barrel aged coffee we could present to Old Gregg himself.

You Look Like I Need a Drink- Tangy guava mixes with pineapples, limes, lemon and passion fruit inside of a giant margarita cup.

Zero Gravity- Heaps of coconuts pile high with more creamy coconut milk, sugared vanilla and hints of oud make this a truly unforgettable scent!

Zodiac- Dragon fruit stars in this dazzling blend with hints of sweet fresh Valencia oranges, mingling with tropical greenery, violet petals and warm green tea leaves.