Welcome to the Scent Emporium!

At Moonbeams Scent Emporium we want to take you on a journey... Imagine yourself at a rock & roll concert in the middle of the desert under a full moon, but as the worldview zooms out, that desert landscape is on a distant moon itself in another galaxy. That far off place is where our scents are born. We’re inspired by the vastness of the universe, our favorite lyrics in an obscure song, and that feeling you get when you’re standing in a forest after a sudden unexpected rainstorm. Our whimsical scents are the very essence of who we are and the spark we share with you to help capture the enchantment and magic in your own life!

We first opened our doors in 2016 as Moonbeams Wax Meltz. In 2022 we expanded our universe with new products and rebranded as Moonbeams Scent Emporium. As the Scent Emporium it allows us to feature our unique line-up of scents in various products for home and body. Come join us on this intergalactic journey through the mystical and peculiar world of Moonbeams and allow your curiosity to capture the magic for yourself!


Hi, I’m Stephanie: scent curator and your guide to the wild universe of Moonbeams! I’ve been drawn to fantastic worlds and unusual ideas for as long as I can remember. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities & Mythology; cultural traditions, rituals, lore and ideals have always been a love of mine, and get turned into inspiration for many of the products we create. When I'm not in our desert themed studio creating scents, you can find me gardening in my yard, hiking my way around the country, singing front row along to my favorite punk bands, or eating endless amounts of veggie tacos with my hunky firefighter husband aka 'The Manbeam'. 

Blonde woman gives a peace sign next to an alien statue