Spacely Spritzer Care & Safety

A quick guide to maximizing your Spritzer experience. Let's enhance those rituals!


Step 1- Choosing your Scent

  • Not every scent is for every body. Remember- scent is subjective and what may smell pleasant to one person, may smell awful to another. We've made sure to explain our scents in great detail but only YOU know what you like.
  • For a more in-depth look at wearable scents, see the 'Wearable Scents 101' dropdown on the Spacely Spritzers FAQ Page

Step 2- Spray Away!

  • Shake it Up!- Make sure to shake gently before use as separation is natural-always gently shake the bottle to ensure oils are evenly dispersed before use!
  • Spacely Spritzers are our sprayable mist for body, hair, clothing, and home (anywhere you need to freshen up your atmosphere)! They're perfectly sized to keep on a nightstand or take with you on the go! Our Spacely Spritzers are great for bedrooms, bathrooms, or in the car!
  • Our spritzers are made to enhance your space with liberal application! However, here’s what we suggest:
    • Body: Spritz directly to wrists (where the blood circulates closest to the skin, or other pulse points (neck, behind ears, inner elbows, behind the knees), and the décolleté area are the most effective application points.
    • Hair: Spritz onto a hairbrush and work into hair.
    • Clothing & Home: Holding 6-12 inches away, spritz directly onto fabrics (clothes, pillows, bedsheets, fabric shower curtains). Be sure not to overspray as two to four sprays are often enough.

Step 3- Expiration & Storage

  • Expiration: All Spacely Spritzers are made to order! Once opened, our fragrances have a shelf life of 12 months minimum. See our Spacely Spritzers FAQ Page for a more detailed explanation of fragrance shelf life!
  • Storage: To preserve the life of your Spacely Spritzer, store bottles in a cool, dark and dry place (vanities, dressers, etc.) as this best preserves the balance of the ingredients.
  • Always consider your environment when using: factors like heat, light, open air, and humidity can all break down the intensity and quality of your fragrance.
  • Never store near a heat source or in direct sunlight.


  • To avoid irritation do not spray or have contents come in contact with eyes, mouth, armpits or genitals.
  • Always test fabrics in an inconspicuous area before normal use.
  • As with all products if irritation occurs, discontinue use.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Remember- some fragrances and perfumes can cause skin or nasal irritation (contact rashes/dermatitis, sneezing/allergies).
    • Per the National Capital Poison Control website, "Should a skin irritation occur, wash the skin with soap and water to remove any remaining product and discontinue use. If inflammation and irritation persists, an over the counter topical steroid like 1% hydrocortisone can be applied."
    • If a wax melt, candle or fragrance is ingested, get guidance from Poison Control immediately to determine if it is a dangerous amount: call the National Capital Poison Center at the number below. Follow the prompts on the Web Poison Control tool for online help or for immediate assistance have your product ready and call the National Capital Poison Center at (800) 222-1222