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Originally debuting in our 2020 birthday party "Desperado Daydreams" Collection- Mescalito is the ode to the desert that we crave so often! It embodies the feeling of frolicking through the saguaros, picking prickly pears and standing in awe of the majesty of Joshua Trees.

The scent of miles of cactus, their bright green towers shining with beautiful flowers, sweet agave, Valencia orange, soft musks and watery aloe with desert winds blowing burning Palo Santo and earthy patchouli.

Click the link to listen to the song that inspired this scent (or in this case, the entire album Mescalito!- Ryan Bingham- "Southside of Heaven"


CANDLE DETAILS: 8 ounce candles in reusable jars, crackling wood wick, premium fragrance oils, made with a proprietary coconut/soy wax blend, with a 40-50 hour burn time. 

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