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  • Asteroid Bars- 2oz
  • Craters- 3.5oz

It's time to clear the shelves and make room for more scents!

The scents below have been marked down and are ready to ship! Try a new blend, or grab a favorite scent on discount!

A Trip to Granny Rumble Tummy's- An outdoorsy woodsy blend of fresh grains and sundried oak woods, fresh herbs, dried apricots, radish leaves, jasmine petals and earthy floral amber round out this gorgeous forest blend!

After the Party- A blend of jasmine and sage with hints of dry desert woods, Indian musks, frankincense and spices from afar.

The Enchantress- The Enchantress features a sweet ripened fig and rose vanilla cream blended with Italian waffle cookies. Not too gourmand, not too gardeny, it’s the perfect delicate blending of our favorite things!

Haute Tropix- Exotic hibiscus swirls with cactus blooms, sugary peach syrups, white tea and tropical melons.

In the Flicker- Sea salts and aquatic florals combine with buttery, coconut creams, charred woods and warming brambleberry teas.

Interstellar- Insanely zesty lime juice, muddled mint & agave with... is that tequila we sense? What kind of space trip would it be without it?

La Maison Botanique- Our French countryside blend of darkly delicious black currants amongst woody bouquets of cedar and oak, undertones of sage and jasmine blooms intertwined with a subtle hint of vanilla!

Low Country- Darkly delicious black tea plays host to rich butterscotch, oak barrel aged whiskey and swirled with burnt sugar and wafts of campfire smoke.

The Midnight Society- Savory, salted, buttery, baked soft pretzel stirred into the delightful cup of strong, luxuriously dark expresso with just a sprinkling of cinnamon.

Mojave Mists- Tropical Christmas cactus blooms shine amongst zesty lime juice, drippy agave syrup, and mango tequila margaritas!

Nocturne- Mysterious dark oud wood, blended with warm vanilla frosting and sweet maple syrup, on a bed of toasted graham crackers and a hint of juicy raisins.

Over the Garden Wall- Grab your best scavenging gear and get whisked away with the scents of lush green grasses, fields of clovers, hints of ozone and an underlying waft of pipe tobacco!

Prickle Thistle Bouquet- Japanese cherry blossoms blowing in a spring breeze with hints of blood orange, freshly bloomed tulips, whispers of wisteria, black roses and smokey woods.

Queen of the Rodeo- Let our beauty of the broncos go up against the toughest of cowboys with hints of ozone, lilac and wisteria, clover and whispers of dark leather and spicy bergamot.

Raise A Wreck- Rough waters combine with bergamot, basil and seaweeds, chicory wood and tonka bean on a bed of musks and crystallized ambers.

Red Sky at Morning- An intriguing blend of agave nectar, soothing sea kelp and neroli wafting in the ocean breeze help round out this upscale delicious scent!

Red Sky at Night- Airy ocean roses cascade into warm coastal breezes, and beautiful sparkling sea glass glinting in the sun’s last light.

Wanderlust- Cool spearmint, peppermint and eucalyptus come together with herbaceous greens of rosemary, delighting and warming the senses, while creamy vanilla soda brings warm undertones to enliven your day!

Wild Child- Charmingly exotic balsam, white jasmine blooms, opulent oud and nostalgic ambered vanilla creates a great new scent with a cool yet inviting blend!

Wonderland- Freshly brewed white tea steeped with lemons, lime, and roses complimented with sweet almond, vanilla cakes topped with maple goodness.

Zanzibar Shores- Coconut water, bountiful cactus flowers, splashes of cool aloe water, and hydrating cucumber welcome you to the faraway locale known as Zanzibar Shores!

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