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  • Comet Cups- 2oz
  • Sky Bars- 3oz
  • Eco Bags- 3.2-3.5oz
  • Craters- 3.5oz

It's time to clear the shelves and make room for more scents!

The scents below have been marked down and are ready to ship! Try a new blend, or grab a favorite scent on discount!

Astral Lowlife- Crushed violet leaves mixed with tart acai berries, and juicy clementines on a bed of black pepper and musk. Dark and deviously beautiful! Space trash at it’s finest!

Deadwood- A dark spiced bourbon blended into a creamy stout; with hints of nutty almond, rich vanilla, plums, butterscotch and raisins.

El Diablo- The butteriest baked cinnamon rolls you will ever taste drizzled with a brown sugar/caramel drizzle with a cinnamon and sugar dream dusting.

El Dorado- Take yourself straight to the southwest with this alluring blend of cactus flowers blended with aloe, zesty lime, fresh white flowers and creamy coconut!

Gone with the Wind Fabulous: Twirling Florals, Green Tea, Sweet Honey. *Inspired by the Real Housewives of Atlanta

Mystic Sun- Come play in the sun with us as we enjoy deep Arizona canyons set amongst mahogany & petitgrain on a cashmere musk base. *Gaia's Garden Collection

Orion Story- Named after our favorite RPDR S14 queen and galactic beauty that is Orion Story! Let the story unfold with intoxicating gardenias, and white florals. We took hints of tart yuzu, and an exotic vanilla bean base to bring it all together.

Our Lady of the Highway- She’s seductive and headed on her own path- white cloves and sun soaked leather combine with brushed suede and miles of blacktop make this a fantastic new blend that blurs all the conventional scent lines!

Panic on the Streets of London- Industrial London comes to life with metal and steel combined meticulously with aldehydic greenery, ylang-ylang, amber and singed roses!

Party on Pluto- What was once a prime party planet is now a “dwarf planet” we created a scent for after the party… fresh crisp cool air (it is 3.7 billion miles away from the sun after all) mingles with surprising spearmint and cold eucalyptus to present a clean green scent like no other! Come party where every day is a snow day! 

PrimaDonna- This luscious scent is packed full of fresh juicy strawberries, tart rhubarb, buttercream and zucchini bread to bring you a fulfilling bundt of badassness!

Queen of the Rodeo- Let our girly girl go up against the toughest of cowboys with hints of ozone, lilac and wisteria, clover and whispers of dark leather and spicy bergamot.

Riders on White Horses- A blast of bergamot and teak blend with hints of leather, oud, cedar and vetiver.

Sartorial- Beeswax, oakmoss, vanilla, suede and spices all appear in this signature Penhaligon’s scent! It’s dapper and delicate all in one. *Gaia's Garden Collection

Snuffed- Smokey, herbal tobacco swirls with warm buttery vanilla, earthy black teas and an Oriental blend of herbs and spices!

Sunset in Sedona- We took a windy desert evening, dry charred woods and sandy dust storms, mixed them with our favorite crystals set out on the sill ready for the moons light to charge them for a new day and infused the whole creation with clove buds, mysterious saffron, white smokey timber, and laid it all out on a bed of torchwood and sacral labdanum.

Tom's House Was Broken Into...: Snow in Pasadena, Zero Fucks, A Pretty Mess of Peace. *Inspired by the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

The Tragedy of Lord Louis- It's elegant and tragically sophisticated! Welcome in traditional nobility, with dollops of shaving cream, woodsy tobacco leaves, and classic warming bay rum.

The Tramp- A beautiful blend of tart blackberries and summer citrus with Turkish roses, violets, jasmine and geranium on a bed of tonka bean, cedar and musk!

Tumblestone- Enchanted green forests, their towering cedar and pine trees are the opener to cloves, orange blossoms and hints of raspberries, hints of patchouli and sandalwood, oakmoss and grassy herbals round out this scent!

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