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It's time to clear the shelves and make room for more scents! The scents below have been marked down and are ready to ship! Try a new blend, or grab a favorite scent on discount!



13 Moons- We travelled many moons to create our favorite new blend of resinous woods, plump summer ripened raspberries, on a labdanum, oud wood & spicy black pepper.

A Day at the Sandbar- Creamy coconut with fruity undertones- reminiscent of a certain suntan oil… but with a Moonbeams twist

Agua de Jardin- Combining palm fronds and white musk, sweet figs, bamboo and sea salt breezes it’s the perfect summer scent.

Atom Bomb Baby- Grab a partner, duck & cover with our blend of fresh, tart figs. Blast your senses as the scent gives way to plump, juicy strawberries and my favorite sweet lychee syrup!

El Dorado- Take yourself straight to the southwest with this alluring blend of cactus flowers blended with watery aloe, zesty lime, fresh white flowers and wafts of creamy coconut!

Invocation- An alluring scent of fresh rosemary, dark cherries, and warm patchouli with peppery undertones of warm woods and a deep vetiver.

Joshua Tree- Miles and miles of yellow blooming creosote bushes with delicious desert cactus.

Mundungus & The Lady- A beguiling duo of Mediterranean coriander, white lime, Thai Basil and Italian Bergamot with hints of cedar and woodsy pine and citrus zest!

The Narrow Way- Tart green apples simmer in a spice pot with blood oranges, clove and nutmeg and brought together on a bed of Patchouli and cedar. And is that incense we smell wafting around as well?

Nightfall- Let us sooth you into the summer night with sophisticated scents of jasmine and spicy florals, white musks and chicory wood blend into hints of tea leaves and rounded out with sweet plump peaches.

Nights in Laredo- Come spend the night on the range with a heady blend of Texas tea infused with fennel and tarragon, apricot nectar and warm woody earth tones.

Our Lady of the Campfire- Bask in her burning glare as you pray to the embers glow. Billowing smoke, and dry fir needles incinerate among slight hints of clove, patchouli and smoldering logs.

Our Lady of the Highway- She’s seductive and headed on her own path- white cloves and sun soaked leather combine with brushed suede and miles of blacktop make this a fantastic new blend that blurs all the conventional scent lines!

Our Lady of the Salton Sea- Breezy sea currents waft through with oceanic florals, sea salt spray, and hints of citrus, all sitting on a bed of water mint, cedarwood and vetiver.

Out on the Lanai- Out on the Lanai is that absolutely gorgeous Miami afternoons the scent of honeysuckle, mystical salty ocean water, driftwood and sea glass abound it’s the perfect scent for gossiping with the girls!

Palisades- Luscious blueberries baked with sweet vanilla beans, English Thyme, brown sugar and spiced cinnamon with hints of Spanish rosemary, and musk!

Red Pop- Fresh juicy strawberries on a creamy fizzy soda background make this a truly delectable scent!

Spacey Kacey Cakes- Leafy buds of OG Kush combines with an old fashioned chocolate layer cake make this a blend that will either give you the munchies, or cure them!

The Edge of Night- Combines sultry Cuban tobacco leaves, spicy florals of jasmine petals, dark musk and amber, and distinctly provocative Oriental spices!

The Lone Wanderer- A unique mix of smoke from your pipe, chapped leathers, a swig of bourbon and smoky firewood embers.

The Spriggan- Guarding a treasure of ripe juicy strawberries ready to be picked and enjoyed while a blend sea salt wind whip through a birchwood forest. It’s a fruity, woodsy, slightly coconutty delight!

Two Tickets to Pearadise- Two different pear blends take YOU to paradise with a blackberry and apricot lusciousness and laid out on a bed of crisp ginger ale and sparkling peach woods.

Welcome to Atlanta- Juicy ripe peaches and oranges are blended with vanilla champagne fizzies to create a scent that Luda himself would love!