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Our 8oz candles come in reusable jars, with a crackling wood wick, premium fragrance oils, and are made with a proprietary coconut/soy wax blend, with a 40-50 hour burn time.

Flicker & Flame!

We've expanded our universe and now offer a selection of premium candles in beautiful reusable vessels that will set the mood and scent your room no matter where you are!

Banished- Raw honey and cozy spices mingle together with mountain florals, rich cocoa butter and herbal tobacco leaf.

Desperado Daydreams- Doze off behind the old barn, your horse grazing in the field, the scent of earthy and strong wood shavings wafts about with botanical juniper, cypress and stacks of cedar planks.

Gold Rush- Get ready for a sweet rush of warm cream and turmeric, mystical musk and orange blossoms, all blended together with bourbon infused marshmallows on a bed of cardamom and light coconut milk.

The Home & Hearth- The scents of warm maple buttercream and apple smoked tobacco.

Necromancer- Roasty, toasty marshmallows on a campfire- we kept this one really dark and smokey with just a hint of sweetness for all of your summoning needs!

Nights in Laredo- Come spend the night on the range with a heady blend of Texas tea infused with fennel and tarragon, apricot nectar and warm woody earth tones.

The Northerner- Notes of honey, creamy caramel, cider spice, maple sugar and crunchy fallen leaves.

The Rusty Nail- Rather than just scotch and Drambuie with a splash of honey we took it to the max with an herbal honey blend, with a strong glass of scotch and set it in a dark dive bar.

Twitch of the Tongue- Spicy greens play host to a blend of juicy sweet tomatoes, garden spices, orange blossoms and exotic flowers. Earthy, yet invigorating!

When the Last Leaf Drops- Brown sugar and smokey campfires blended with cloves, creamy vanilla and brisk Autumn leaves.