Twitch of the Tongue


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Inspired by a trip through the desert, my black boots crunching over the gravely sand, a warm breeze through sky high saguaros and tumbleweeds a plenty. That day in Sonoma woke up my soul and the scent and red/orange landscape stuck with me, flecked with a changing purple sky against a setting sun, it's a special creation, a love scent to the Arizona desert I miss so dearly. 

Spicy greens play host to a blend of juicy sweet tomatoes, garden spices, orange blossoms and exotic flowers. Earthy, yet invigorating!


CANDLE DETAILS: 8 ounce candles in reusable jars, crackling wood wick, premium fragrance oils, made with a proprietary coconut/soy wax blend, with a 40-50 hour burn time. 

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