The 5 Elements


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Five years ago a special customer by the name of April came to us with an idea- invoking the spirit, history and lore of the Appalachian Mountains into a scent! As always we took this as a challenge and put our own spin on things to bring you The 5 Elements, born of the love and understanding that each element can heal, make you dream, transform your being, keep you aware, and ignite the fire within!


Akasha’s Wish- Element: Spirit

Akasha, which author Scott Cunningham referred to as, “the spiritual force that Earth, Air, Fire and Water descend from”, is often associated with the 7th chakra. Spirit is the all-being, all encompassing element. We took the spirit of the Appalachian’s with their peaks and widows, over 400 million years old and embodied that essence for this scent. While the mountains themselves may divide the land, the element of Spirit unites all things, both our world and the mystical realm.

To embody Spirit, you must forget everything you’ve ever known and imagine all that can be. To do so, we combined warm French vanilla and mixed it with fresh pipe tobacco, white musk and a hint of smoky wood. A warm and mystifying scent!

At Night We Fly- Element: Air

Ethereal, lively, all encompassing, Air is the most delicate of the elements. It can be found from the oceans’ shores, to the sweeping plains and up to the tops of mountains. It’s associated with clear thinking, freedom and governs the ideas of fantasy and delight! Though this is perhaps the most far-fetched of the five elemental names, it’s the one with the most recognizable ideals brought on by flight and fancy!

The element of air is kept fresh. We imagined what it would feel like flying high above the trees through the Appalachian’s on a warm summer night. Fresh ozone, white lily and bright tonka musk swirl with ripened blueberries, juniper berries and fresh pear on a bed of white musk, spruce, fir and cedarwood.

Granny Witch- Element: Earth

A name passed down from the Divine to women of the Appalachian’s, these ‘medicine women’, ‘folk healers’ and ‘granny women’ were often the overseers of the home. They ruled the kitchen and were turned to in needs of medicine and healing. Most knew the way of herbs, and oftentimes, these healers would turn to witchcraft for their patients. Representing the element of Earth, it is known as the feminine element of the Mother Goddess standing for growth and stability.

We brought the spirit of these granny witches by combining apples baked in nutmeg and persimmon; lush foliage and green moss and topped it with common kitchen herbs. Each clamshell represents the spirit of these women, and harkens back to a time when it was common knowledge that the Earth can heal all.

Rebirth of a Muse- Element: Fire

She is fire, like a phoenix she rises, re-birthed, transformed and anew! Fire, associated with the sun, governs passion, is the giver of life and warmth, and sparks imagination by cleansing and purifying. It can be out of control and wild, or tamed and helpful in times of need. Often connected with chaos, we believe that chaos spurs creativity, and it’s when a women is at her most chaotic, that she can dream up many ways in which to creatively succeed and rise to her fullest potential!

Let the wild woman inside of you free with the element of Fire. With spicy black cinnamon, warm sandalwood and splashes of patchouli, it will transform your spirit with violets, geraniums and saffron on a bed of vanilla musk.

SOLD OUT!Witching the Well- Element: Water

Also known as ‘water witching’ or ‘dowsing’, this technique for finding water is perhaps the most fun and delightful way that one can search for water without their handy map! By using a forked tree branch, the water witch holds the forked ends of the branch in each hand. They then begin to walk over the area where the suspected water can be and in the presence of water, the branch will begin to twitch or move. With the element of water being known for emotions and love, we created a scent that represents the search for witching a well early in the morning.

Waters and wells are associated with being clean and refreshing, like a cool stream on a hot day. Imagine leaves hanging heavy with dew droplets after a spring morning rain and a whirl of brisk morning air signaling that winter is succumbing to the spring.