Sunset in Sedona


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Originally debuting in our 2021 'How the West Was Fun' Collection comes - Sunset in Sedona! The day is quiet now, we’re winding down and it’s time to say goodbye to the hot rays of the sun-soaked desert and awaken my favorite time, dusk. There’s something about witnessing the sunset in Sedona that will change how you feel about the desert. Something about those towering red rocks, the native Hopi lands around you, and a bustling town that welcomes the odd and adventurous into its incredibly beautiful landscape.

We took a windy desert evening, dry charred woods and sandy dust storms, mixed them with our favorite crystals set out on the sill ready for the moons light to charge them for a new day and infused the whole creation with clove buds, mysterious saffron, white smokey timber, and laid it all out on a bed of torchwood and sacral labdanum. It’s everything you envisioned Sedona at sunset to be- a bit mystifying, pretentious and yet all around alluring!