Yellow Cloud


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A yellow banana scent that isn’t so… in the clouds. We actually made a grown up banana scent that will get you high as the clouds so you won't want to come back down!
We took fresh ripe bananas and juzzed them up a bit with wild herbs, tropical palm woods, warm musk and large pineapple leaves. It's a grown up banana scent you'll love!

Click the link to listen to the song that inspired this scent!- Trixie Mattel- "Yellow Cloud"


CANDLE DETAILS: 10 ounce candle in a gorgeous thick green reusable jar, crackling wood wick, premium fragrance oils, made with a proprietary coconut/soy wax blend. 50-55 hour burn time. 

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Inspired by nature and the outside world, Gaia’s Garden scents allow us to bring the outdoors in with inspiration ranging from a garden tea party in summer, to the back hiking trails of the great Mojave. They’re a way to escape, even when these remote destinations seem too far away!
Gaia's Garden scents are inspired by the feels we get when exploring nature and are designed to elevate your mood. We believe scent is the defining characteristic of an atmosphere, directly impacting your mood and the way you feel. These scents are designed to make you feel good while evoking warm memories and the setting the scene for new ones to emerge!