*Best-Of Moonbeams Gift Set!


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What better way to enjoy a new scent experience than with a perfectly curated scent spectcular? Give a little gift of our best smelling scents to a new wax melting friend, or hell, for yourself to keep and enjoy!

Each gift box features six of our most popular scents available in our 2oz Comet Cup sizing all wrapped up and ready to gift!



Bat Out of Hell- Heavily spiced mulled cider. A Moonbeams best seller!

Morning Wood- Warm birchwood, oakmoss and towering cedars elevate the scent with whispers of tobacco, vanilla, and clove.

Old Gregg!- You know the scent, the earthy herbal blends of black pepper, vanilla, and peppercorns, but now it’s time to know the merman the myth the legend that is Old Gregg! *Lush-‘Lord of Misrule’ Dupe

Rosebud- A bed of seductive Victorian roses fills the room with wafts of English tea, warm clove and candied ginger.

Smack My Bishop- Looming in an old Essex cathedral, incense smoke fills the confession chamber mingling with woodsy palo santo, neroli, papal patchouli, vetiver, and musk. Cardamom & clove smoke round out this earthy prodigal delight!

Sunset in Sedona- We took a windy desert evening, dry charred woods and sandy dust storms, mixed them with our favorite crystals set out on the sill ready for the moons light to charge them for a new day and infused the whole creation with clove buds, mysterious saffron, white smokey timber, and laid it all out on a bed of torchwood and sacral labdanum.