*The Moon Phase Collection


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Our 8oz candles come in reusable jars, with a crackling wood wick, premium fragrance oils, and are made with a proprietary coconut/soy wax blend, with a 40-50 hour burn time.

Sizing: Craters: 3.5oz ~ Candles: 8oz

Find Your Phase!

Since antiquity, lunar phases have governed all facets of life. The moon, ruler of the night and the mysteries of the dark, represents wetness, moisture, intuition, emotion, tides, the psychic moods and madness. It embodies time, for its phases provided humankind with the first calendar.

And now, it's time to harness the energy of the moon, bring her into your home with our Moon Phase Collection! There is a scent pertaining to each phase of the moon- Full, Waning, Waxing and New, each designed to heighten your senses and work with the declared characteristics of said phase.

Full Moon- Focus: Calm. The full moon is about endings and putting into action the things that no longer serve. Melt this scent during the full moon as a remedy to any emotions you may be experiencing. Fresh lavender, mandarin and bergamot blended with white musk, ylang ylang, sweet gardenia, white moss and vetiver.

New Moon- Focus: Conversion. The new moon represents new beginnings, just like the start of the lunar cycle. It's a time to focus on the future and your hopes, what you want to overcome, see, do, and be. Like the dark moon, we as humans oftentimes have a side that few get to see, use this time to open up and come in tune with those feelings and thoughts, that get pushed to the back. Look towards the future and your intentions. Tangled garden vines, summer citrus bouquets, ripe tomato, raw honey and a hint of overturned earth.

Waning Moon- Focus: Courage. The waning moon is a time for adjusting, releasing negativity, bravery and courage. It is a time of diminishing and destruction. Fresh rain and earthy patchouli mix with crisp pine needles, vanilla musk, earthen moss, warm spices and lily of valley.

Waxing Moon- Focus: Clarity. The waxing moon is for gaining and building, expanding and harvesting. It is a time for crop planting and luck. Peach blossom, jasmine milk. Strawberries, apple, and coconut milk combined with eucalyptus, vetiver, pineapple and sun dried driftwood.