Gone Gonzo Collection

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There is nothing in the world more helpless and irresponsible and depraved than a man in the depths of a wax binge


Welcome to our seven scent ode to the late great Hunter S. Thompson. While we don't normally celebrate the 4th of July, we decided to honor being in search of the American dream the only way we know how- by dedicating it to one of the craziest American's who ever lived!

Each collection comes with all seven scents in our 4/Moon Rock sizing (that's more than a pound of wax!)


SOLD OUT! - Bat Country- “We can’t stop here! This is bat country!” – Leave or stay, this alluring new blend features freshly fallen leaves amongst fragrant Colorado pinyon pine Out of the desert and into the forest, we blended fresh tea leaves with notes of forest moss and clary sage that you won’t fear or loathe…

Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride- A favorite quote from one of my favorite books means I get to make a scent I love to honor it in the best of ways. A refreshing tall glass of lemonade blended with plump raspberries and sugar peaches. We brought in extra zesty citruses and muddled it with fresh cut basil straight from the back garden. It’s one ride you’ll wanna have the ticket for this summer!

In Search of the American Dream- Nothing says the 4th of July like being in search of the American dream and what is more American than apple pie? Well we took apple pie and turned it on its head with the sweetest caramel glazed apple slices you’ve ever smelled and baked in fresh vanilla bean, nutmeg, sweet sweet butter and more caramel just because we can. This may be what you’ve been searching for all along.

The Rum Diary- Nothing says rum and longing for summer like Malibu and damn it we took the coconuttiest Malibu rum we could concoct and mixed in extra popular buttery black coconuts to make for a one of a kind absolute sweet and coconutty concoction.

Spirit in the Sky- Just like Hunter’s ashes being blasted off with fireworks we decided to celebrate the man with a show of our own. A smokey mix of fireworks blasting off across the sky, tobacco from Hunter’s favorite Dunhill’s fill the air high above the Colorado skyline. It’s dark and wonderful and extravagant and a bit insane, just like Hunter would have liked.

Where the Buffalo Roam- You can’t have a summer collection without a bit of BBQ and an homage to the quintessential scent that wafts about backyards every evening… billowing plumes of smoke from grills gone awry, hickory smoked tangy BBQ on a bed of resinous dried wood.

Woody Creek- We rounded out this collection with a tribute to the land that Hunter loved so very much, Woody Creek, Colorado. Enjoy the endless eternal forests and rolling fields- we allowed this outdoor adventure of towering alpines, rosewoods, mountain birch, smoked oud and metallic florals to shine.