*The Gaia's Garden Candle Collection


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Our deluxe Gaia's Garden candles come in a gorgeous reusable green glass jar, featuring a crackling wood wick, premium fragrance oils, recycled cork tops, and are made with our proprietary coconut/soy wax blend. 50-55 hour burn time.

Step Into Gaia's Garden

Welcome to the Gaia's Garden collection! Our unique world of all natural scents inspired by the world around us. Here you will find wax melts and candles free of dyes & additives and premium candles in beautiful reusable vessels that will allow you to bring the outdoors in!

The Gatekeeper- We love this concoction of apple orchards on the edge of endless pine trees, their pine cones covering the ground. We brought it to the current season with mossy vines, bamboo stalks, and dark watery musk!

Ichabod- You’ll lose your head over toasted pumpkin seeds, smokey vanilla and sweetened amber patchouli. Smoldering hearth embers, spiced nutmeg sprinkled buttercream and puffs of pipe smoke round out this hallowed scent!

Raven & Rook- Dripping raw honey and sweet light nut woods, and leaves rustling in the wind!

Smoke & Mirrors- Cider pressed apples mix with pears, hints of clementine, peaches, and spiced with cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg while balancing on woods, pine and cedar.

When the Coyote Calls Me Home- Whispers of huge fern leaves mingle amongst earthy spices, decaying forest trees and paw dug earth.

Yellow Cloud- We took fresh ripe bananas and juzzed them up a bit with wild herbs, tropical palm woods, warm musk and large pineapple leaves.