July Restock Scent List!

Returning Scents

After the Party- A blend of jasmine and sage with hints of dry desert woods, Indian musks, frankincense and spices from afar.

Area 51- Pucker up with mouth-watering lemon, juicy strawberries and tart blue raspberry candy, come back to a familiar sweet spun sugar treat!

Daybreak- Beautiful yet deadly lily of the valley flowers play host to this floral blend with elderflower blooms, sweet nectar, and fragrant moss-covered bramble.

Desert Witch- White cactus flowers, lush foliage blended with green moss and cactus stems, and a hint of coconuts and spice.

The Enchantress- A beautiful floral, yet sweet fragrance to brighten up the winter months! The Enchantress features a sweet, ripened fig and rose vanilla cream blended with Italian waffle cookies.

Fatally Yours- Refreshingly beautiful scents of vanilla and lily of the valley swirled with the beautiful aroma of rose petals to bring you a floral, flirty scent.

The 'Ideal' Scent- A dark room of clanging cauldrons plays host to swirling mugs of earl grey tea and a steady scent of lightly burning resinous palo santo wood, it’s mysterious and ethereal yet warm and inviting all at once! 

In the Flicker- A summer bonfire by the beach! Sea salts and aquatic florals combine with buttery, coconut creams, charred woods and warming brambleberry teas.

The Lament- Black peppers and cloves amidst an Indian bazaar, lush topiaries, and glowing embers. We blended smoked woods with dried citrus, herbal violets, cardamom pods, tonka and sweet musk.

The Midnight Society- Do you dare join the society of darkness with us? Savory, salted, buttery, baked soft pretzel stirred into the delightful cup of strong, luxuriously dark expresso with just a sprinkling of cinnamon.

Pluviophile- Subtle rain droplets combine with water-soaked leaves, damp brisk air, and hints of autumnal florals.

Prickle Thistle Bouquet- Japanese cherry blossoms blowing in a spring breeze with hints of blood orange, freshly bloomed tulips, whispers of wisteria, black roses and smoky woods.

Radtastic!- This is the ripest, sweetest, juiciest watermelon with heaps of mint.

Scrying- Watery leaves, brisk air and clean earthy sage blended with a touch of warm amber.

Wanderlust- Cool spearmint, peppermint and eucalyptus come together with herbaceous greens of rosemary, delighting and warming the senses, while creamy vanilla soda brings warm undertones to enliven your day!

Wonderland- Freshly brewed tea steeped with lemons, lime, and roses complimented with sweet vanilla cakes topped with maple goodness.


New Scents

A Trip to Granny Rumble Tummy’s- Let’s all gather for a forest adventure! An outdoorsy woodsy blend of fresh grains and sundried oak woods, fresh herbs, dried apricots, radish leaves, jasmine petals and earthy floral amber round out this gorgeous new blend!

Archangel- Feel your most powerful in this companion scent to ‘The Truth is Out There’. A complex blending of sensual patchouli leaves, sweetened chocolate notes, resinous ambered vanilla and bright Calabrian bergamot. *Thierry Mugler- ‘Angel’ dupe

The Gatherer’s Garden- We wandered off the beaten path to harvest the most herbaceous and woody scent our garden basket could hold! With hearts of freshly cut greenery stalks, freshly cut timber, and trailing ivy on a warm summer afternoon.

Halcyon- The perfect purple floral scent! Lavender blooms and wild lilac sprigs freshly bloomed and harvested in our new floral blend. We rounded out the scent with spicy bergamot and a sparkling rosewood base!

Haute Tropix- Another star tropical blend that we’ve been eager to release is finally here! Exotic hibiscus swirls with cactus blooms, sugary peach syrups, white tea and tropical melons. It’s getting haute out!

La Maison Botanique- Black currants star in this darkly delicious new summer blend with a woody bouquet of cedar and oak, undertones of sage and jasmine blooms intertwined with a subtle hint of vanilla!

Ramblers & Gamblers- This one is for our spicy dark scent lovers who loathe tropical summer scents! Cardamom & spicy black pepper come together with patchouli, sandalwood, and uplifting bergamot. It’s a cool spicy blend layered with intricate oriental woods!

Red Sky at Morning- As the old saying goes- “Red sky at morning, sailors take warning!” and we are warning you that your day is about to be incredible with our newest summer scent! An intriguing blend of agave nectar, soothing sea kelp and neroli wafting in the ocean breeze help round out this upscale delicious scent! This is a companion scent to ‘Red Sky at Night.’

Red Sky at Night- As the old saying goes- “Red sky at night, sailors delight!” and we created quite a delight for your home this summer with an oceanic blend unlike any other! Airy ocean roses cascade into warm coastal breezes, and beautiful sparkling sea glass glinting in the sun’s last light. This is a companion scent to ‘Red Sky at Morning.’

Wild Child- We see you, your cool yet exotic self, with your uniquely familiar flair, we’ve got a scent just for YOU! Charmingly exotic balsam, white jasmine blooms, opulent oud and nostalgic ambered vanilla creates a great new scent with a cool yet inviting blend!

Zanzibar Shores- Coconut water, bountiful cactus flowers, splashes of cool aloe water, and hydrating cucumber welcome you to the faraway locale known as Zanzibar Shores!