Halloween 2022 Scent List!

Debuting Friday September 2 at 3pm!

Returning Scents:

All Hallows Eve- Bergamot, Lime, Rosemary and woody notes of black amber and oak moss.

Apparition- A frighteningly sweet scent reminiscent of a certain "Berry Scary" Halloween breakfast cereal! Fresh blueberries mixed with sweet cream and endless marshmallows.

Carrie's Candy Corn- Smelling just like the tri-colored candy adorning candy bowls across the country all throughout Fall- Ours is a blend of vanilla candy with notes of butter and marshmallows!

The Coffin Bangers- Sinister blood oranges, fizzy ginger, blackberries, rose and a kiss of musk!

Count's Curse- The Count is back with chocolate and marshmallow overload packed into every melt!  Count's Curse is a creamy chocolaty scent.

The Crypt Keeper- The new overseer of the dead features a dark blend of warm musks, oakmoss, and cedar shavings, blended together with hints of old leather, and bouquets of lavender, ylang, ylang, and orange flowers.

Do the Creepy Crawl- Golden nectar, musk & cloves, mulled cider and harvest berries.

Donner Party- Creamy, dreamy rivers of butterscotch combined with heady whiskey, smokey vanillas and... is that BBQ we smell?

Fall's Mortal Coil- A swirl of bourbon, pumpkin spices, ginger and tobacco.

Gateau d' Automne (Autumn Cake)- With warm crisp apples, pumpkin, corn husks and spices blended with a touch of dried herbs, and the warm vanilla tones of buttery toffee and creamy caramel!

The Headstone Hop- Pumpkins, apples, whiskey and sticky oozey honey!

The Late Harvest- Heaps of pumpkins freshly brought in from the patch combined with bushels of freshly picked blueberries, on a bed of the fluffiest, ooeyest, gooeyest buttermilk marshmallow whip to make a divine new sweet fall treat!

Mephistopheles- Deep cherries & clove buds, cedar, dark vanilla, hints of patchouli and smokey tobacco leaves.

Samhain- Sweet apple butter & pumpkin puree.

Start the Killing (Season of Slaughter)- Freshly carved jack-o-lanterns on a warm fall evening with bonfire smoke billowing in the background.

The Truth is out There- With a blend of woods (to get abducted from) green notes (reminiscent of the little men), amber- vanilla- and orange blossom, this scent is Mulder and Scully approved!

Witches Brew- Smoky woods, flowers and bubbly effervescence- Eye of newt and snake tails have been added for extra goodness!

The Witching Hour- Fresh herbal sage leaves entwined with sprigs of rosemary and a hint of lavender wafting in the breeze.


New Scents:

The Alchemists Garden- A scent created after long fall walks in the garden at night. It’s light and floral yet intriguing and beguiling! Sweet moonflower blooms under a full moon sky with notes of herbal green tea, enchanting crisp cucumber vines, dark musk, rose hips, juicy pears and sparkling lime.

Cauldron Cakes- Spooktacular apple baked pie/cake lay out the foundation for spectral black, rasp and straw berries, baking in the chamber kitchens with the scent of smokey dragon resin.

Feral Witch- Escape with our newest addition to our witch collection- Feral Witch will bring about your wild state with twisted thorny Hawthorne roots, untamed hemp, neglected tomes and long forgotten woods make for one unrestrained scent!

The Gloaming- That one specific special moment twilight. We took that one specific moment of every night and brought out the dusky aromatic woods, succumbing to darkness enveloping the cerulean waters before you. Cassis, cedarwood and crisp air all lead to twilight forests.

The Potion Master- A whipped batter of smooth pumpkin cream, meticulously blended with pumpkin spice, gooey toasted marshmallows, enveloping warm oven baked pretzel rods and salty oat milk caramel lattes, it’s truly sweet and pumpkiny and The Potion Master has succeeded once more!

Swamp Elixir- Our cauldron stirred up a potent tonic full of citrus- orange zest, fizzy lemon, juicy pear and tart cranberries stirred to perfection with dried autumnal herbs (rosemary sprigs, and dried grapevines) all brought about with vials full of velvety rose musk!


THE HOUSEWIVES COLLECTION- Ya’ll it’s finally time. Like She by Sheree we were anticipating a spring release and like the now iconic line “Mmm probably more September or uhh that is spring/summer” it’s finally time! Since 2010 I have been a faithful Real Housewives fan. Spanning the country and now the globe these women have kept me laughing, made me scream in anger and yes… I have even travelled to see some of them perform. What can I say, I am a glutton for the guilty pleasure they bring me. After hiding my love for many many years here at Moonbeams (despite having it on in the background while we pour and bag and label over the past six years) we decided it was finally time to honor these women and revel in their absolute glory! Originally made for Ben and Ronnie our boys over at Watch What Crappens we’ve revamped and really upped our game with these insane scents inspired by our favorite iconic housewives quotes.

Gone with the Wind Fabulous- ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ – Smells like: Twirling Florals, Steeped Green Tea, Sweet Honey

Her Husband Gets His Dick Sucked at the Round-Up- 'The Real Housewives of Dallas' - Smells like: Cedar Plank Floors, Cowboys, Warm Dallas Nights

Marge’s Iced Coffee- 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' - Smells like: Joe, Another Coffee Joe, Large Iced Coffee, Snickers Creamer

Tom’s house was broken into, and he confronted the burglar and then he had to go have eye surgery and then my son had to go over and help and then, my son, he rolled his car five times on the way home. My son went because I can’t go, and then on his way home, it was snowing and he rolled his car. I’m under a lot of stress. – Smells like: Snow in Pasadena, Zero Fucks, A Pretty Mess of Peace

Were People Doing Coke In Your Bathroom?- 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' - Smells like: Apple Blossoms, Water Lily, Dorit's Bathroom