Gaia's Garden Scent Descriptions

The Alchemist's Garden- Sweet moonflower blooms under a full moon sky with notes of herbal green tea, enchanting crisp cucumber vines, dark musk, rose hips, juicy pears and sparkling lime.

British Bluebells- Endless fields of the vibrant blue perennials dazzle the senses with dewy wild bluebells, luscious hyacinths, violets and delicate lily of the valley. *Inspired by the gorgeous Penhaligon's scent (and Princess Diana's favorite perfume 'Bluebell').

Count the Stars- Sweet birds of paradise flowers blowing in a nighttime breeze- desert aloe, tuberose and chrysanthemum make this a star summer floral blend.

Disappear- Soft spring florals of lilac, jasmine, and African violets entwined with green foliage on a bed of white musks and clean fresh summer breezes.

Do the Creepy Crawl- Golden nectar, musk & cloves, mulled cider and harvest berries.

Entwined- Walk through our late spring early summer garden with endless bushels of fern leaves reaching out to your hands while scents of lush honeysuckle and jasmine blossoms greet your senses.

The Gatekeeper- We love this concoction of apple orchards on the edge of endless pine trees, their pine cones covering the ground. We brought it to the current season with mossy vines, bamboo stalks, and dark watery musk!

Ichabod- You’ll lose your head over toasted pumpkin seeds, smokey vanilla and sweetened amber patchouli. Smoldering hearth embers, spiced nutmeg sprinkled buttercream and puffs of pipe smoke round out this hallowed scent!

Moonlight in Memphis- Delightful glasses of herbal white tea and berry swirled lemonade are elevated in the moonlight on a bed of Ylang Ylang and watery florals.

Mystic Sun- Come play in the sun with us as we enjoy deep Arizona canyons set amongst mahogany & petitgrain on a cashmere musk base.

The Narrow Way- Tart green apples simmer in a spice pot with blood oranges, clove and nutmeg and brought together on a bed of Patchouli and cedar. And is that incense we smell wafting around as well?

Prime Meridian- Thyme, cucumber, balsam and earth on a bed of warm rain, an ocean side spa, hints of amber, ginseng and musk help round out this new summer blend.

Raven & Rook- Dripping raw honey and sweet light nut woods, and leaves rustling in the wind!

Sartorial (Type)- Beeswax, oakmoss, vanilla, suede and spices all appear in this signature Penhaligon’s scent! It’s dapper and delicate all in one.

Smoke & Mirrors- Cider pressed apples mix with pears, hints of clementine, peaches, and spiced with cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg while balancing on woods, pine and cedar.

Violetta (Type)- Sweet violets star in this timeless scent, while delicate green geraniums help round it all out. A woody cedar and musky base help to bring this velvety mysterious and yet oh so glamourous scent to life!

When the Coyote Calls Me Home- Whispers of huge fern leaves mingle amongst earthy spices, decaying forest trees and paw dug earth.

Yellow Cloud- We took fresh ripe bananas and juzzed them up a bit with wild herbs, tropical palm woods, warm musk and large pineapple leaves.