Clearance Scent Descriptions

The Coffin Bangers- Let the banging begin with sinister blood oranges, fizzy ginger, blackberries, rose and a kiss of musk!

Count's Curse- Endless chocolate and sweet marshmallow cream- straight from the cereal bowl to your melter!

Desperado Daydreams- Doze off behind the old barn, your horse grazing in the field, the scent of earthy and strong wood shavings wafts about with botanical juniper, cypress and stacks of cedar planks.

Enigma- Come play with us amongst the blooming violets and crisp red rhubarb. Notes of heady bergamot, smokey incense, saffron and white birch give this new blend a unique and forestral base!

Lone Wanderer- A unique mix of pipe smoke, chapped leathers, a swig of bourbon and smoky firewood.

Nights in Laredo- Come spend the night on the range with a heady blend of Texas tea infused with fennel and tarragon, apricot nectar and warm woody earth tones.

Our Lady of the Highway- She’s seductive and headed on her own path- white cloves and sun soaked leather combine with brushed suede and miles of blacktop make this a fantastic new blend that blurs all the conventional scent lines!

Panic on the Streets of London- Industrial London comes to life with metal and steel combined meticulously with aldehydic greenery, ylang-ylang, amber and singed roses!

Spacey Kacey Cakes- Leafy buds of OG Kush combines with an old fashioned chocolate layer cake make this a blend that will either give you the munchies, or cure them!