Candle Scent Descriptions

Banished- Raw honey and cozy spices mingle together with mountain florals, rich cocoa butter and herbal tobacco leaf.

Bewitched- Mashed sweet potatoes play host to dark buttery rum, spicy cinnamon, toasted brown sugar and vanilla beans, melted butter with notes of mulled fruits.

The Cowboy- Swirling bonfire smoke, birch tar, and smoked maple set our cowboy on the open trail with hints of tobacco leaves, resinous woods, worn chaps and smokey patchouli.

The Daytona Sands Motel- Named after a fantastic Orville Peck song, we envisioned the Daytona Sands as a seashell pink two story motel sitting on the strand off Daytona Beach. While you lounge in a seaside cabana the scent of exotic suntan creams waft in the ocean breeze with Florida sands covering everything you own. As you slather yourself with more suntan lotion and wait to head into the water- oh my is that… roasted nuts we smell from the vendor on the pier? This is one motel where beachside is the place to be! *From the Moonbeams Motel Collection

Desperado Daydreams- Doze off behind the old barn, your horse grazing in the field, the scent of earthy and strong wood shavings wafts about with botanical juniper, cypress and stacks of cedar planks.

El Cosmico Inn- Need a little space on your vacay, Moonbeams has you covered when you check into the El Cosmico! A magical out of this world stay with white cactus lilies, luminous pink peppercorns, green galbanum and rounded out with thorny prickly pears, rosewood and resinous myrrh. We promise a luxurious journey to the final frontier! *From the Moonbeams Motel Collection

Full Moon- Focus: Calm: The full moon is about endings and putting into action the things that no longer serve. Melt this scent during the full moon as a remedy to any emotions you may be experiencing. Scent: Fresh lavender, mandarin and bergamot blended with white musk, ylang ylang, sweet gardenia, white moss and vetiver. *From the Moon Phase Collection

Gold Rush- Get ready for a sweet rush of warm cream and turmeric, mystical musk and orange blossoms, all blended together with bourbon infused marshmallows on a bed of cardamom and light coconut milk.

Gone with the Wind Fabulous: 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' - Smells like: Twirling Florals, Green Tea, Sweet Honey *From the Real Housewives Collection

The Home & Hearth-The scents of warm maple buttercream and apple smoked tobacco

I Heard Her Husband Gets His Dick Sucked At The Round-Up!: 'The Real Housewives of Dallas' - Smells like: Cedar Plank Floors, Cowboys, Warm Dallas Nights *From the Real Housewives Collection

Luna's Dance- Soft powdery florals mixed with jasmine, earl grey teas, and sandalwood make for one goddess adoring scent!

Marge's Iced Coffee: 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' - Smells like: Joe, Another Coffee Joe, Snickers Creamer, Coffee! *From the Real Housewives Collection

The Muddy Spur Motel- We’re not your standard motel so if you see a horse hitched out front you know you’re at the right place! We provide an alluring experience to all cowfolk who enter with rich spiced tobacco notes, endless bottles of smooth caramel bourbon and the scent of worn leather chaps. Kick off those dirty boots and prepare for the ultimate western stay at the Muddy Spur! *From the Moonbeams Motel Collection

Necromancer- Roasty, toasty marshmallows on a campfire- we kept this one really dark and smokey with just a hint of sweetness for all of your summoning needs!

New Moon- Focus: Conversion: The new moon represents new beginnings, just like the start of the lunar cycle. It's a time to focus on the future and your hopes, what you want to overcome, see, do, and be. Like the dark moon, we as humans oftentimes have a side that few get to see, use this time to open up and come in tune with those feelings and thoughts, that get pushed to the back. Look towards the future and your intentions.  Scent: Tangled garden vines, summer citrus bouquets, ripe tomato, raw honey and a hint of overturned earth. *From the Moon Phase Collection

Nights in Laredo- Come spend the night on the range with a heady blend of Texas tea infused with fennel and tarragon, apricot nectar and warm woody earth tones.

The Northerner- Notes of honey, creamy caramel, cider spice, maple sugar and crunchy fallen leaves.

The Palm Springs Motel- A beautiful new desert stunner that’s sure to be a good time- We are proud to welcome you to the Palm Springs Motel! Feel the heat of the blazing summer sun on your body as the scent of watery cactus leaves, herbal juicy pears and sweet melon mingle with hints of chamomile and amber that’s as golden as your new suntan. Dreamt up after a visit to the new iconic pink Trixie Motel*From the Moonbeams Motel Collection

The Rusty Nail- Rather than just scotch and Drambuie with a splash of honey we took it to the max with an herbal honey blend, with a strong glass of scotch and set it in a dark dive bar.

Soliloquy- Let our dramatic gourmand blend address you straight to the point with its decadent snickerdoodle cookies, piping hot and drizzled with a toasted hazelnut butter, and a vanilla whipped cream dollop on top!

Solstice Stroll- We took fresh oven baked orange Danishes, drizzled with sweet vanilla glaze and mixed in a sweet maple woods, hot black teas and burning leaf piles wafting in the cooling autumn air.

Stars of the Midnight Range- Dedicated to one of my favorite songs from the 40’s we meticulously blended smooth rich creamy butterscotch with puffed tobacco notes, herbaceous tobacco leaves and freshly brewed coffee with just a hint of fired pinewood.

The Swamp Witch- Dragged through the depths, tendrils of sea kelp wrap around the scent of dark musks, salty water and mud. Lots of mud. Featuring hints of cardamom, vetiver and an undercurrent of amber and minerals.

Tom's House Was Broken Into...: 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' - Smells like: Snow in Pasadena, Zero Fucks, A Pretty Mess of Peace *From the Real Housewives Collection

Twitch of the Tongue- Spicy greens play host to a blend of juicy sweet tomatoes, garden spices, orange blossoms and exotic flowers. Earthy, yet invigorating!

Waning Moon- Focus: Courage: The waning moon is a time for adjusting, releasing negativity, bravery and courage. It is a time of diminishing and destruction. Scent: Fresh rain and earthy patchouli mix with crisp pine needles, vanilla musk, earthen moss, warm spices and lily of valley. *From the Moon Phase Collection

Waxing Moon- Focus: Clarity: The waxing moon is for gaining and building, expanding and harvesting. It is a time for crop planting and luck. Scent: Peach blossom, jasmine milk. Strawberries, apple, and coconut milk combined with eucalyptus, vetiver, pineapple and sun dried driftwood. *From the Moon Phase Collection

Were People Doing Coke In Your Bathroom?: 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' - Smells like: Apple Blossoms, Water Lily, Dorit's Bathroom *From the Real Housewives Collection

When the Last Leaf Drops- Brown sugar and smokey campfires blended with cloves, creamy vanilla and brisk Autumn leaves.