Long, Long Time


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Sizing: Craters: 3.5oz / Sky Bars: 3oz

Frank and Bill’s love story in The Last of Us really was the most beautiful thing we here at Moonbeams have ever seen. We created this scent in memory of the breathtaking, comforting, and perfect love between Bill and Frank.

We found one of Bill’s old bottles of Beaujolais, and swirled in delicate rose petals, deep plums, and notes of black currant. But we couldn’t forget the most important scent note, the one that truly bonded these two in the most uncertain of times, the scent of fresh picked, tender strawberries. Long, Long Time is passionate and bold, a gentle yet daring new scent, but in the words of Bill, “This isn’t the tragic suicide at the end of the play… You were my purpose”.