Blackthorn Tavern


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Sizing: Crater: 3.5oz ~ Asteroid Bar: 2oz

On a late January hike in the snowy forest, you are surprised by a wintery snow storm. You lose your path and stumble through the pines searching for any sign of warmth or home, your scarf and coat bundled up to your eyes. When there in the distance you see it, smoke rising from the chimney in a tavern you've never seen before. You push your way in and the barkeep slides a warm mug your way, as the warm heat from the hearth envelopes your body. Welcome to Blackthorn Tavern!

Gingerbread spices mingle with minty hot chocolate, while wafts of woody snow laden pine branches and herbal blackberries swirl about the tavern every time a cold weary traveler opens the door.