Moonbeams Mukbang Collection

Brunchin’ in the Bedroom- It’s like using pancakes as a pillow! So fluffy and wonderful, but ours are smothered and covered with sweet cream butter and sticky maple syrup! Bacon slices and creamy cinnamon oatmeal help round it all out. Go ahead and use the comforter as a napkin, we won’t tell!

Chips for Dinner- My mother used to yell at me for eating chips for dinner, but now as an adult I can do whatever I want! This is an ode to those arguments! This scent smells just like a big ole bag of chips. No dip, no crazy flavors, just the scent of chips without the greasy fingers and empty calories. You’re welcome!

Everybody loves Ramen- A large bowl of herbed spiced ramen with notes of garlic, celery salt, sage, and warm broth. A salty and savory addition to your wax collection that is unlike any other!

K-Town Steakhouse- A savory pan seared peppered steak cooked to perfection, accompanied with a fizzy gin & tonic, and the scent of large red leather booths. We brought the decadence that is L.A.’s famous Taylor Steakhouse in Korea Town straight to your home!

Only Flans- Subscribe to our incredible new caramel milk, sweet cream treat that is truly flan-tastic!