Fall Pre-Order Scent List

Wax Melts

Bats in the Belfry- A uniquely sweet and smokey blend combining exotic smoked ginger spices, cedarwood, holy incense clove and olibanum.

Bodies in the Basement- A different take on sweet and smokey combining Guaicwood and vanilla creams, amber, fresh picked apples and rounded out with smoked musk.

Cauldron Cakes- Spooktacular apple baked pie/cake lay out the foundation for spectral black, rasp and straw berries, baking in the chamber kitchens with the scent of smokey dragon resin.

Coven- Come together with the scent of dusky bonfire breezes flowing amongst crisp falling leaves. Palo Santo is passed around your body while the circle tightens, bringing vanilla musk and warmed patchouli spices together.

The Devil's Rejects- Fresh out of the oven pie served up with a fresh peach ala mode sundae, decadent maple coated chestnuts and our favorite wafts of smoke.

Ichabod- You’ll lose your head over toasted pumpkin seeds, smokey vanilla and sweetened amber patchouli. Smoldering hearth embers, spiced nutmeg sprinkled buttercream and puffs of pipe smoke round out this hallowed scent!

The Late Harvest- Heaps of pumpkins freshly brought in from the patch combined with bushels of freshly picked blueberries, on a bed of the fluffiest, ooeyest, gooeyest buttermilk marshmallow whip to make a divine new sweet fall treat!

Maleficio- Earthy spices, weathered barn boards and rustic rosewood & cedar combine with cloves, vetiver, dark amber and oakmoss.

Night of the Living Dead- Imagine if you will a warm cinnamon, nutty, cider brioche drizzled in vanilla bean caramel butter, a true carb delight that pairs well with a smoky warm maple bourbon on a cool night. *Reformulated Oct. 2021

Old Souls- Warm chai and butterscotch infused bourbon star in this new fragrance spiced with cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon & ginger while rich vanilla and pumpkin clove make an appearance as well!

Paid in Brains!- Juicy and oozing with blood… oranges, goji berries, and black currants on bed of musky island vanilla, white ambers and golden honey.

The Potion Master- A whipped batter of smooth pumpkin cream, meticulously blended with pumpkin spice, gooey toasted marshmallows, enveloping warm oven baked pretzel rods and salty oat milk caramel lattes, it’s truly sweet and pumpkiny!

Prayers Unheard- We let the ‘holy wood’ Palo Santo shine in this delicious new scent. A mild sage and cedar blended scent that we paired with exotic florals, hints of citrus, pears, and a slight hint of warming vanilla.

The Pumpkin King- Take your mind to corn mazes, cinnamon and sugar, hay rides, pumpkin spice lattes and everything fall themed that you can imagine.

Sex Magic- Rich Irish cream coffee swirls with deep dark espresso and buttery rum with hints of coconut milk and smooth whiskey. Pure sex in scent form!

Slumbering in the Orchard- Delicious red apples and sugared pears on a cool fall afternoon, wafts of sage in the breeze while you walk through a forest of smoky cedar woods, guaiacwood and sweet musks. *Previously Known As: 3 From Hell

Solstice Stroll- We took fresh oven baked orange Danishes, drizzled with sweet vanilla glaze and mixed in a sweet maple woods, hot black teas and burning leaf piles wafting in the cooling autumn air.

Succubus- One of our most requested scents that combines smokey ginger root, with crushed clove, creamy coconut custard all wrapped up in a ground cinnamon and sugar base.

Wake the Dead- The strong scent of freshly brewed coffee, blended with cocoa powder, hazelnut, sweet buttercream and brown sugar.

Who's Gonna Dig These Graves?- We blended woodsy vines snaking across fallen leaves with mahogany tones, moist lichen, orris, ambergris, and hints of aged leather in the darkest forest we could find.


Spacely Spritzers

*NEW: Fable & Folk- Let late night tales of sweet dulce de leche lull you into dreamland combined with white chocolate and rich pumpkin butter lull you into dreamland as you sip a sweet coffee treat next to a crackling fireplace.

Into the Hollow- That first step into the bramble tree line brings about the aroma of dried apples and oranges, crisp falling leaves, and smoky burnt woods. Swirled with fall herbs like sage, clove, sprigs of rosemary, and tobacco flowers.

Narcotique- An enticing blend of foliage and oakmoss blended with a heady tonic of chamomile and coriander. A unique blending of herbal lavender, cedar and tea leaves.

The Old Woman's Cottage- A warming scent that blends nutmeg and cloves with creamy creme brulee, and warm teas swirled with condensed milk.

*NEW: Spectre- Don’t be frightened Beams, for it’s only vanilla bean pods stirred around in a mug of warm condensed milk, with a base of delicate sandalwood! Happy hauntings…