Best of Fall Pre-Order Status!

Fall is when Moonbeams comes alive; we were created over seven years ago out of a need for fall scents year round, and when the weather turns cool, our scents truly shine! This Fall pre-order combines 20 of our most requested and favorite fall and Halloween scents available for you in an unlimited pre-order!

This pre-order has a 4 week TAT after the August 5 cut-off, at which time products are scheduled to ship by Monday August 28! If there are extras of scents, they will be added into our September Restock (date TBD)!

Status Updates:

  • AUG 5- The 'Best of Fall' pre-order is now closed and we have begun ordering supplies and pouring scents.
  • AUG 11- 12/20 scents have been poured! We're waiting on one more shipment of supplies to finish pouring by the end of the weekend!
  • AUG 14- All 20 scents have been poured and are curing while we work on labelling and assembling orders! We  are right on track to have orders shipped out by the 28th!
  • AUG 26- ALL PRE-ORDERS HAVE SHIPPED! Check those emails for tracking information to see how quick Autumn is arriving to you!

Cheers Moonbabes! <3